COVID-19 Response

28 March 2020

Over the weekend Bria leaders will monitor updates from the Federal and Provincial Governments, BC Centre of Disease Control and World Health organization. Changes and updates that directly affect Bria Communities Independent Living seniors residences and Care Centres will be be handled immediately and updates will appear here. 

27 March 2020

In our Care Centres:

Yesterday’s order by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, mandates that all private and public healthcare employees working in long term care communities like Magnolia Gardens and The Waterford must only work at a single site. Our leaders and Human Resources partners are working with the Ministry of Health to provide employee information as requested and ensure all staff comply.

In our Independent Living Communities

We continue to work with Fraser Health and private care providers to eliminate staff providing non-essential care services in our residences. We are also working with them to reduce to the furthest extent possible, the number of home support staff coming into our communities without compromising the needs of the seniors we serve.

26 March 2020

Long days inside can be challenging for residents, our recreation teams are working hard to engage and encourage residents who are self-isolating as well as those who are spending time in responsibly in communal spaces.

• Residents at The Waterford got a visit from the Ice Cream Cart going door to door

• Magnolia Gardens residents are participating in Hallway and Courtyard Walking Clubs with lots of space between each walker.

• At The Wexford, one resident is leading Tai Chi in the main lounge for others to join in—with lots of space in between.

• Sunridge Gardens residents are golfing, knitting, colouring and chatting in the lounge while keeping appropriate social distance. 

Follow our Facebook Pages: Magnolia Gardens, Sunridge Gardens, The Waterford and The Wexford for regular posts about resident life. 

We Are Hiring

As expected, some of our staff have been self-isolating and quarantined, leaving gaps in our workforce. We are strategizing solutions with our parent company Century Group to cover hospitality, housekeeping, recreation, and kitchen team gaps in Langley and South Delta. Visit BriaCareers for more information and to apply opportunities in our seniors retirement living residences.

25 March 2020

We’re incredibly proud of our staff! They approach the challenges that the coronavirus brings each day with flexibility, meticulous safety, and a deep commitment to resident health, comfort, and support.

The world is celebrating essential service workers like our staff. Many of you have expressed appreciation for our teams and want to know how you can support us as we care for your loved ones. 

Five ways your can support our staff team

  • Stay home. Keep our staff, residents and yourself safe by staying away.
  • Send an email or a video. Share your thanks via email at Make sure you mention who your loved one is and which residence they are in. We’ll make sure the message gets through to the staff there. 
  • Write a note/card/poster/painting and tape it facing into the exterior windows by our front door or along resident lounge. 
  • Write a Google Review or a Facebook Review. These reviews build public confidence which is very helpful in these challenging times.
  • If you have access to masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, feel free to share!

24 March 2020

To provide the highest level of safety for residents, within the next 24 hours, all our seniors living communities will shift to providing room service for each resident at lunch and dinner. We are adapting menus and staffing to ensure residents enjoy excellent meals in the safety of their suites.

Our continental Bria Breakfast will still be available in the Bria Bistro. Food will be individually wrapped, and we will serve drinks in to-go cups. This is a grab and go situation, and we’re not encouraging residents to linger in the Bistro.

Many residents are already self-isolating for their protection. Please encourage your loved ones to use the utmost caution if they choose to leave the building. If they are walking, remind them to maintain appropriate social distance and discourage them from going into public spaces.

23 March 2020

In our Care Centres:

In compliance with a recent BC Public Health Act court order the following measures are going into effect:

All non-medical external visitors are restricted

Staff will be screened twice a day.

Residents will be screen twice a day

Recreation activities will ensure 2m of distancing

Recreation staff who work between Care Centres and Independent Living will now be restricted to only one

In our Independent Living Communities:

  • Third-party care providers must comply with twice-a-day screening.
  • Footcare nurses are suspended.
  • We are NOT suspending pharmacy visits for medication administration, but asking pharmacies to drop off vs. deliver medication.
  • Non-medical external trips in our courtesy shuttle are suspended. The Courtesy Shuttle drivers will be available to run errands on behalf of residents. Ask at the front desk for more details.
  • Social hour gatherings are stopped completely unless social distancing can be observed.
  • Outings on our Bria Bus will happen if social distancing can be observed.
  • Housekeeping services are being re-evaluated to maximize safety or each resident.
  • Meals are still being served in compliance with public health restrictions; however, we anticipate moving to in-room meal service for the health and safety of residents.
  • Move-ins and move-outs are essential as we seek to provide a safe and healthy living environment for seniors. The following conditions apply:
    • Move-in/out must happen in low traffic hours 
    • Move-ins will have active screening at a minimum 6 hours before moving in to ensure no symptoms are present.
    • One elevator will be locked off for the specific use of movers
    • Cleaning and disinfecting will happen before and after move-in/move-out
    • Tours are still be hosting with heavy screening as well as limited building access. In this season, many seniors and their loved ones are looking for safe, healthy and connected communities, and we will be making ourselves available while taking the utmost precaution. 

21 March 2020

Ways to Connect with Your Loved Ones in our Communities

For the health and safety of our residents were encouraging essential visitors only in our residences. Here are four ways you can connect with your family members:

  • Video Calls. Recreation teams have iPads for the exclusive use of video calls with residents. These teams will be happy to assist you in connecting with your loved on via video. Click the following links to send an email and arrange a video chat with your loved one. Magnolia Gardens, Sunridge Gardens, The Waterford, The Wexford.
  • Send a pre-recorded video. Make a video to share with your loved one and email it or post it on YouTube and send us the link. The recreation staff will be thrilled to share it with your loved one and will help them make a video to send back.

20 March 2020

Your assistance in monitoring the health of your loved one living in our communities is exceptionally helpful. Please use this online, interactive self-assessment tool provided by the BC government to check in with your loved one each day. If you notice a change in health and symptoms associated with Covid-19 follow the instructions on the site and inform the General Manager immediately.

Residents in our independent living sites may use this tool to assess themselves daily, and if identified as needing further support to do this, Bria staff will assist them.

In accordance with new provincial licensing guidelines, we have implemented active screening for staff before they start a shift in our Care Centres as well as enhanced daily screening of residents.

19 March 2020

Self-monitoring for potential illness is crucial to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  If you would like to support you loved one to self-monitor for symptoms remotely, please use this link to the online provincial self-assessment tool

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we navigate through these challenging times.

18 March 2020

The following updates have been added to our health and safety precautions:

Essential visitors / Care providers / Companions are welcome in the building (provided they meet screening criteria) for physical and mental health requirements for the individual resident. Care providers/companions are not welcome in common spaces. If it is essential, then social distance is required. Our Care Centres will use their discretion as to what constitutes essential service. ). More information about this is available from the BC Centre of Disease Control.

Take a pen and keep it: Reception will encourage essential visitors signing in to take a Bria pen and keep it with them, so they aren’t using a communal pen.

Hairdressers: Our salons are closed as hairdressers have been told by their association to stop all hair service.

Foot Care:  Foot care nurses are still welcome; however, estheticians are not. 

Breakfast/Bistros: A broad range of breakfast items will be individually wrapped for resident consumption. 

Move-ins /outs: Continue as usual with ensuring movers are maybe doing so in the less busy times;

Tours: Tours are part of the essential health of our business and, for the time being, will continue. The community relations staff member will meet touring individuals at the front desk, confirm they meet screening standards, and ensure hand hygiene. There will be no contact with residents, and common areas will not be included in the tour.  

Contractors/projects:  Outdoor projects and room turnovers that see workers isolated in a suite will continue; no common area work unless an emergency

17 March 2020

The Magnolia Gardens and Waterford Care Centres are closed to visitors. We are allowing essential visits only. For more information, contact the Directors of Care:

Magnolia Gardens Care Centre Director of Care: Sue Wilson
The Waterford Care Centre Director of Care: Lara Faras

16 March 2020

We are asking non-essential visitors to stay away from Bria Communities at this time.

We encourage families and friends to make phone calls and use technology to reach out to their loved ones. Staff will support residents and family members who wish to Facetime or Skype with their family members.

Family members, caregivers or friends who are caring for or supporting a loved one with daily personal needs are considered essential.

Effective today, we will also not be allowing guests in the dining room and private dining room. If essential guests are visiting, they may have a meal in the resident’s suite.

Staff are encouraged to continue monitoring their health, even if they have NOT been out of the country and to use this BC Centre for Disease Control resource to identify symptoms.

We have adjusted food service to avoid having groups of more than 50 gathered together during meal times. Each Bria community will have a different approach to accomplishing this objective, given space and staffing.

Reception staff will ensure essential visitors continue their hand hygiene and have read and answered ‘no’ to the following screening questions:

  1. Have you travelled outside of Canada recently?
  2. Do you have flu-like symptoms, new cough or fever
  3. Is there any potential contact with a positive case.

We have ordered infra-red thermometers and reception will begin to use these to screen all essential visitors.

Private tours may continue. Community relations staff will greet any person who wants a tour personally at the front door and ensure they meet screening specifications. Those who are touring will hand sanitize and not have any contact with any residents.

We encourage everyone to stay up to date with information from the Centre for Disease Control

Thank you for continuing to work with us to keep residents safe and healthy.

15 March 2020

The health and safety of our residents are of utmost importance in the midst of this challenging time.

The flu can be deadly for seniors, and as a result, each year, flu season precautions go in effect at each of our residences and outbreak management protocol gets implemented with speed and precision. In the face of COVID-19, we are leaning into our training and guidelines.

Bria Communities is committed to ensuring the implementation of all appropriate measures during an outbreak situation. This includes: increased visitor screening, monitoring external caregivers and asking them to limit visits to resident suites, increased diligence in cleaning and disinfecting common areas, and asking residents to self-isolate and report to a staff member if they are feeling ill.

We are actively connecting with the Provincial Medical Health Officer and the BC Centre for Disease Control and responding to new measures with agility, professionalism and speed to ever-increasing safety measures.

14 March 2020

Implementation of the following enhanced precautions:

Culinary Services:

  • The main dining rooms are closed to any outside guests. 
  • The private dining room may be booked at this time, but guests need to go directly there or to/from the resident’s suite. 
  • Arrange for meals in rooms for anyone who doesn’t wish to dine communally or is unwell.
  • Servers are not to be wearing gloves as they can increase virus transmission from one resident to another.


  • All external entertainment is cancelled. 
  • Bus trips limited to outdoor areas like the beach, a park or scenic drives. We are providing programs that offer some social distancing. 

We strongly discourage more independent residents going out into crowded areas such as casinos, theatres etc. 


Before allowing entry, all receptionists screen each individual who buzzes/calls in to confirmed they answer no to all the following questions (posted prominently on the door)

 1. Any travel outside of Canada

 2. Any flu-like symptoms, new cough or fever

 3. Any potential contact with a positive case. 

All guests must continue to sign in / out and complete hand hygiene.


  • Continue the enhanced cleaning of commonly touched surfaces such as reception desks, handrails, main entrance door handles, elevator buttons etc.
  • Do not wear gloves around the community, if you need to wear gloves for some reason, dispose of them as you leave a suite and perform hand hygiene.

Community Relations:

Tours may only proceed if the person(s) has said no to the above questions. Meetings/sit-downs should occur in private spaces. There is no “stay for a meal” at this time.

Third-Party Care Providers in Independent Living

General Managers will ensure these individuals are not congregating in common areas. External care providers are to go to the resident suites and perform their work and leave. If they are doing cluster care, they must take any breaks in their designated areas provided for them.

Pharmacies in Independent Living

If any pharmacies are providing medication assistance to any Independent Living residents, they must continue to do so by going right to the suite and leaving. We do not do any medication administration.


General Managers review outbreak management supplies and place orders for additional supplies.


Residents who have cold or flu symptoms should self isolate. General Managers should contact Public Health or 811 if they believe someone needs testing, and they are unable to have family support them. 

Continue to encourage good hand hygiene and use of hand sanitizer.


We are prepared for further restrictions which may include cancelling all group recreation, closing bistro and dining rooms, and closing our doors to all visitors unless there is an end of life situation. 

09 March 2020

The following information was shared in an internal communication with staff and through email to residents and their family members.

Bria Communities is committed to ensuring all appropriate measures are implemented during any outbreak situation. As we listen to the daily news regarding updates on the COVID-19 (Novel coronavirus) and hear how it is spreading across the world, it is normal to have questions, fears and concerns. The leadership of Bria Communities is actively connected with the Health Authorities and the BC Centre for Disease Control to get the correct and up to date information, from the experts, to share with you.

Currently, the risk of COVID-19 impacting Bria Communities remains low. However, we need to continue our due diligence to ensure it stays that way.

As usual, all staff must report any illness to their manager immediately and all staff must ensure they continue with proper hand hygiene, ideally warm soapy water on a regular basis.  

As usual, any resident who experiences illness will self isolate or will be sent to acute care for medical treatment if needed.

Staff should not be wearing masks or gloves unless they are part of the normal PPE they would wear for their job. No one, should be walking around the communities wearing gloves.

Advanced Steps in place:

As many of the residents have external caregivers coming into visit and provide services to them,. We will be posting different notices at Reception where visitors sign in, ensuring they do not visit if they are unwell or have had the potential to be exposed. We will ask them to limit their visits to the resident suites only.

Any staff who have travelled recently to China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Northern Italy, Singapore or South Korea or who are in close contact with someone who has been to these areas should contact their health professional to self-report.  

Housekeeping staff will “up” the common touch area cleaning, such as handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, common washrooms etc.

Bria Communities will be limiting any larger outside community gatherings within the Bria Sites, but internal programs and events will continue for the time being.

If we experience anything close to an outbreak situation, we are guided by the public health experts, who will provide us with any additional measures needed to be taken over and above our existing outbreak protocols.

Thank you all for keeping healthy and protecting the vulnerable seniors we serve.