Sunridge Garden’s Starla is having a baby girl!

seniors party

It was with great joy, and a little sadness that we celebrated Starla, a server here at Sunridge Gardens, who is so loved by all. We’re both overjoyed and excited for this sweet as can be young girl, as she prepares for the birth of her first child. Although we’re also sad because we are all going to miss her dearly when she leaves us soon for her maternity leave.

Upon hearing the news that one of our own was indeed going to have a baby, our residents were all a buzz with the when’s, where’s and what’s of a baby shower. So we set a date and wow, we had an amazing turnout. Our Chef, David, made a special “It’s a Girl” cake and our Recreation Team arranged for the residents to play a baby naming game as well as “Guess the Girth” where each resident cut a piece of ribbon that in their estimation would wrap around Starla’s baby belly.

Starla, who was brought to tears when she first arrived exclaimed “this is such an overwhelming delight!”  She thanked everyone for all the lovely memories she would treasure and the thoughtful gifts given to her and her baby. There were some tears of happiness and sadness this day, but in the end Starla’s little bundle of joy is blessed with so many gramps and grannies here at Sunridge Gardens and we all look forward to meeting the little one when she arrives.


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