Updates on our Covid-19 Safety Practices

Senior Man Wear Mask

Following the Provincial Health Office (PHO) order of 07 November 2020, we have made adjustments to our safety practices. While these changes are challenging for residents, their loved ones and our staff, we are committed to working together to flatten the curve.

Independent Living Retirement Communities

Retirement communities like ours, where seniors enjoy living independently, fall into a grey area regarding the new PHO order. These are not assisted living residences or long term care centres—residents enjoy the freedom to set their schedules and make their own decisions. They also benefit from communal living as a ‘family’—sharing meals, social spaces, activities and lives. This combination of independence and interdependence is part of the most significant value of living in a retirement community.

Our staff and residents are working together to prioritize health and safety. With this in mind, we are implementing the following changes until further notices.

  • Essential Visitors Only. While casual visitors are no longer welcome, we have broadened our definition of essential visitors to include anyone who provides daily physical or mental support to their loved ones. Out of consideration for every resident in the building, we encourage family members to choose a single visitor who comes and goes. Essential visitors are required to check-in with a digital health assessment at reception, wear a mask, avoid common areas and sanitize their loved one’s suite before leaving.
  • Cancellation of group activities. As we anticipate Remembrance Day, this is a difficult decision but a necessary one.
  • The Bria Courtesy Shuttle is available for medical and legal appointments only.
  • We cannot stop a resident from leaving the building. We encourage everyone to look out for the safety of fellow residents by following the Provincial Health Officer orders when outside the building and to wear a mask at all times.

BriaCare Long Term Care Centres

Our most vulnerable seniors’ safety is a priority in our BriaCare™ long term care centres; however, so is their quality of life. We continue to follow orders from the Public Health Office; most recently, this includes ensuring visitors wear medical-grade masks during their visits. If you are the designated visitor for one of these residents, your visits are so important. Please remember to bring along a medical mask, and if you don’t have one, we will provide one for you. Our staff thoughtfully and creatively meeting residents’ physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs.