The health and safety of our most vulnerable residents is our primary concern.

BriaCare™ Centres Safety Protocol & Guidelines

14 January 2021— Today, we anticipate Covid-19 vaccination clinics on-site for Care Centre residents in Langley and Tsawwassen. Staff from the Care Centres can access regional vaccination clinics immediately.

Changes to visiting policies will be directed by the Provincial Health Authority. There are no updates to visiting policies for either site at this time.

In compliance with the BC Public Health Act, BriaCare™ Centres engage numerous Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of Care Centre residents. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Staff actively screened for Covid-19 symptoms twice per shift
  • Residents actively screened for Covid-19 symptoms twice a day
  • Residents and staff who exhibit Covid-19 symptoms are immediately tested
  • All staff wear required PPE, including medical-grade masks at all times
  • Enhanced cleaning practices throughout the building
  • Single site order for all staff, including staff who work in either our Care Centre or Independent Living community.
  • Single point of entry for all staff and visitors, where active screening takes place
  • Ongoing assessment by a Fraser Health Prevention Assessor
  • Recreation activities will ensure 2m of distancing. Any equipment used must be sanitizable and is sanitized before and after use.
  • Increased supplies of PPE on-site
  • Regular Infection Control Practice Audits performed by the Director of Care and Fraser Health
  • Staff undergo monthly infection control practice training
  • All non-medical external visitors are subject to restrictions
  • Scheduled in-person visits with oversight by a designated staff member and a medical-grade masks mandate for visitors.


Enhanced prevention and control measures may be implemented under the direction of Fraser Health if there is a low-risk threat of staff or resident exposure with no evidence of transmission. These include, but are not limited to measures listed above as well as:

  • Increased resident screening for symptoms of Covid-19
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols
  • Closure of the dining room and commencement of room service to residents in their suites
  • Discontinuation of all visits
  • No new move in’s and no transfers out
  • An internal audit of staff and procedures to ensure full separation of Care Centre and Independent Living 
  • Prioritized prevention assessment by Fraser Health


In the event of a Covid-19 exposure or outbreak, Fraser Health Authority establishes an emergency centre of operations on-site and works with Bria Communities Director, the Director of Care and staff to deploy outbreak management. This includes, but is not limited to measures listed above as well as:

  • Assessment and development of a management plan
  • Additional on-site resources for enhanced monitoring provided by Fraser Health to contain transmission and provide support.
  • Residents self-isolating and on droplet precautions


As per the BC Ministry of Health guidelines, as long as we not under enhanced monitoring or outbreak management, these are the visiting protocols:

  • A single designated family member will be welcome to visit on a repeat basis. 
  • Visits will be between 30-45 minutes long
  • The visitor must practice proper hand hygiene on arrival
  • The visitor must wear a mask for the duration of the visit. Masks will not be provided.
  • The visitor will be greeted by a single staff member who will guide them through a visitor health assessment.
  • The visitor will be escorted to the assigned visiting space by the designated staff member.
  • Physical distancing of two meters or greater will be strictly maintained 
  • The designated staff member will offer support to resident and family member throughout the visit
  • After escorting the visitor from the residence, the designated staff member will sanitize the visiting area.
  • The Care Centre will be open for scheduled visits Wednesday – Sunday between 11 am – 7 pm.
  • Schedule your visit using the links below no sooner than Thursday, July 09:

Visits with residents who are fully dependent and unable to move to designated visiting locations can be arranged through the Director Of Care at the links above.