We are committed to creating a safe and secure environment for each resident.

Resident Safety



In Bria Communities, residents are encouraged to maintain six feet physical distance from each other, practice good hand hygiene, and wear a mask when in a shared spaces or when out in public.

DINING ROOM MEAL SERVICE has resumed in compliance with public health office regulations. Each residence is prepared to return to room service in an exposure incident or an outbreak.

CLEANING PROTOCOLS for common spaces and resident suites have been upgraded to ensure the health and safety of residents and staff. In the event of an exposure incident or an outbreak, we will increase these and adjust them appropriately in consultation with the Provincial Health Office.

RECREATION ACTIVITIES are limited to ones which can be engaged from 6 feet apart and focus on small group settings or serving residents at the suites.

EXTERNAL SERVICES like hairdressers, foot care nurses, pharmacy and home care workers are permitted in the building, providing they adhere to safety protocol required by their governing bodies. In the event of an exposure incident or outbreak these services will be discontinued until further notice.

INDEPENDENT LIVING VISITOR GUIDELINES We are following the guidelines laid out in the Provincial Health Office order of 05 February, 2020.

  • Only essential visitors are allowed in our residences. An essential visitor is anyone who cares for a resident’s physical, mental, social and emotional needs. Limit exposure to your loved one and their fellow residents by keeping the number of essential visitors to a minimum.
  • Essential visitors are welcome between 9 AM and 9 PM.
  • Essential visitors must practice proper hand hygiene on arrival.
  • Essential visitors must fill out a digital health assessment at reception and confirm successful completion before proceeding directly to the resident’s suite.
  • Essential visitors must wear a mask at all times during the visits. (We do not provide masks)
  • Essential visits must be limited to the resident’s suites and visitors as asked not to linger in shared spaces. 
  • Essential visitors are encouraged to sanitize their loved one’s suite before leaving.

DIGITAL HEALTH SCREENING all essential visitors must complete a digital health assessment before proceeding past reception.