Ensuring residents' health and safety in our retirement communities and long-term care centers is the most important thing we're doing right now.

The Wexford Updates

25 August 2021 – Independent Living

As you all may know, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that masks are required again for all indoor public areas effective today.

Our visitor policy remains the same—all visitors must wear masks in common spaces. In addition, staff have returned to wearing masks in all common areas and when interacting with residents.

Residents are encouraged to wear masks while in shared social spaces

15 July 2021 – Independent Living

In light of upcoming changes to Fraser Health’s long-term care and assisted living visitation requirements on 18 July, we are ammending two policies:

• Fully vaccinated staff are no longer required to wear masks.

• Outdoor events/gatherings may include family and friends. Visitors at outdoor events do not need to wear masks if they can show proof of two vaccinations. Indoor gatherings are not open to visitors yet.

Visitors in the building must wear masks while in common spaces, regardless of their vaccination status. Thank you.

05 July 2021 Update

In response to stage three of the re-start plan that went into effect on 01 July, we respectfully ask residents, visitors and staff to follow these guidelines:

  • Residents are not required to wear masks. 
  • Visitors are required to wear masks in indoor common areas and hallways.
  • Staff must wear masks when interacting directly with residents. 
  • Staff who have two vaccinations can remove masks when not working directly with residents. 

Our private dining room is available for residents to host guests for meals but must be booked ahead of time. We look forward to welcoming visitors back into our dining rooms at a later date. 

We are thrilled to welcome back our entertainers and to be hosting indoor gatherings for up to 50 people. All entertainers are required to have two vaccinations. 

New residents are required to provide evidence of their vaccination status. 

30 June 2021 Update

We have now passed the two week mark since all residents received their second vaccination, and we’re enjoying the peace of mind, and lot more activities and social times together.

On 01 July, BC shifts to Stage 3 of the re-start plan, and everyone is excited about even more freedom. We are working together with Fraser Health to understand what these changes mean for residents and staff in seniors congregate living settings. We will provide a comprehensive update on 05 July 2021.

As of 01 July, our Private Dining Room is now open and available for residents to host guests for a meal. Please book these meals with our receptionist. We anticipate it won’t be long before the main dining room is also open for guests.

27 May 2021 – Vaccination Update

Fraser Health has informed us that our second dose vaccination clinic will be held in-house on 15 June. Second doses will be the same brand as the first, and we will work with new residents to ensure they can access the correct type of vaccine. Residents’ vaccine cards have been kept in our safe until now; once they have received their second dose these cards will be their responsibility. Family members are encouraged to photograph these cards to keep the information on hand.

13 May 2021

Our seniors are enjoying the beautiful spring weather as well as the benefits of their first Covid vaccination. 

We’re pleased to report that since residents and staff received their first vaccination at the beginning of March, we have had:

  • No residents or staff with a confirmed case of Covid-19
  • No residents or staff self-isolating due to Covid-19 exposure
  • No residents or staff self-isolating because of Covid-19 symptoms. 

Our transition away from essential visitors to welcoming family members who are part of residents’ core bubbles has gone exceptionally smoothly. And we’re looking forward to the days when we can host family and friends for meals in our dining rooms, and drinks and dancing afterwards!

We continue to limit the size of group gatherings, practice social distancing, wear masks in common spaces, and maintain good hand hygiene. But we love seeing the signs of life returning to normal. We were even able to host a live harpist as an entertainer for our Mother’s Day High Tea, thanks to the magic of plexiglass.

Fraser Health has not confirmed when they will be on-site to give residents their second dose of the vaccine; however, we anticipate it happening within the next month. 

01 April 2021

Over the past months, for the safety of our residents, our Independent Living communities have welcomed only essential visitors to our buildings. 

We know mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health depends on maintaining close connections with those we love most. We’re also aware that to date, Independent Living residents have only received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, and many of those who are considered part of their ‘core bubbles’ are not vaccinated at all. 

As we navigate these complexities, we are adjusting our visiting guidelines:

  • Core bubble visitors are welcome to visit residents in their suites. Please don’t linger in shared spaces or visit with other residents or family members who are not in your core bubble.
  • All visitors must check-in at our digital screening kiosk and complete the health screening questionnaire.
  • Wear a mask and practice effective hand hygiene
  • For indoor visits away from our buildings, follow public health gathering guidelines and maintain your core bubble of visitors.
  • Small outdoor visits are welcome outside on the property. Please be aware of space limitations and hold larger gatherings in parks or green spaces. 
  • Virtual visits are still available. You can book your virtual visits here.
  • Please do not visit if you are feeling unwell in any way.

19 March 2021

Easter is coming! Don’t miss your chance to schedule a virtual chat with your loved one.

04 March 2021

With great pleasure, we are hosting a vaccination clinic for residents today. Fraser Health staff will be on-site giving first shots. Many of our team have had the opportunity to access their first shot as well. We’re delighted to see the light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to many of the social aspects of life in The Wexford returning to normal soon.

02 March 2021

Fraser Health has tentatively scheduled a vaccination clinic for residents on Thursday, 04 March. Fraser Health staff will be on-site giving residents their first dose of the vaccine.

If you are a primary contact family member who has not had the opportunity to review the paperwork and provide consent on behalf of your family member who requires it, please contact Jane Bryce directly.

05 February 2021

The ongoing province-wide restrictions mean that we continue with increased cleaning as well as increased safety precautions in our dining room and shared spaces and with our recreation activities. At the same time, we are taking measures to ensure all residents have opportunities for mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical health. We continue to welcome only essential visitors on site. If you have questions about whether you qualify as an essential visitor, please contact General Manager, Jane Bryce

Residents are encouraged to abide by the health orders, wear masks when in shared spaces and out in public, to practice safe social distancing and good hand hygiene.

At this time, we do not have a confirmed date for a vaccination clinic for Independent Living residents. We anticipate an update in the next few weeks as Dr. Henry has indicated that these clinics will happen at the beginning of March. We will communicate via email to residents’ primary contacts and as well as here on the website. If you would like to join the email group, contact Jane. Please provide both your contact info as well as which resident you are connected with. 

With Valentine’s Day coming, take advantage of the opportunity to easily schedule a video chat with your loved one. Residents love the chance to connect face to face!

22 January 2021

Residents who were self-isolating following potential exposure by a third party caregiver have now passed the two-week mark since that exposure, and none have shown symptoms of Covid-19.

These residents will be returning to the dining room for meals and are welcome in shared spaces. Their housekeeping services will also resume.

We continue to strongly encourage all residents to abide by the current province-wide health orders, to wear a mask while in common areas, maintain six feet of social distance, and practice good hand hygiene. 

A special thank you to our staff team for their calm, and consistent response which brought peace of mind to residents and their family members during this potential exposure. We are thankful for their diligence and commitment to the safety of all residents and each other.

19 January 2021

After a potential exposure by a third party caregiver, four residents have been requested by Public Health to self-isolate. There are no symptoms among any of these residents, and The Wexford staff actively monitor and screen them for developing symptoms twice a day. 

These residents are receiving room service, and their housekeeping has been postponed until further notice to limit exposure to residents and staff. Along with standard Covid-19 enhanced cleaning protocols, an aerosol disinfectant fogger is used daily in shared spaces and high traffic areas.

The Wexford continues under the provincial health order to receive only essential visitors. Third-party card aids who come on-site, whether public or private, are screened upon entry and wear appropriate PPE when they come in contact with residents. 

This is considered a low-risk exposure, as the care aid was wearing PPE, and these precautions have been undertaken for the safety of all residents and staff. We will provide further updates when there is a change in status.

14 January 2021

In light of the ongoing province-wide restrictions, we continue to welcome only Essential Visitors on site.

Residents are encouraged to wear masks when in shared spaces to practice safe social distancing and good hand hygiene.

Fraser Health has notified us that starting mid-February, they anticipate scheduling vaccination clinics for Independent Living residents.

20 December 2020

You can now schedule virtual visits online

Click here to schedule a visit in one easy step. Invite as many family members to participate in these chats as you’d like; add their email addresses as you’re filling out the form. An email will arrive in your inbox with further instructions on how to participate. 

Don’t forget to let your loved one know that you’ve scheduled a time, and they can visit reception or recreation for access to the tablet and the call. 

18 December 2020

At Bria Communities, our staff have been extremely diligent in ensuring they follow the extensive and ever-changing public health orders to keep your loved ones safe. Please remember that there are no social gatherings allowed, of any size, with anyone other than your immediate household or core bubble. For most people, their core bubble is their immediate household. An immediate household is a group of people who live in the same dwelling.

Bria Community residents share a core bubble, as a result, when one resident is exposed to Covid-19 and required to self-isolate, it can result in increased restrictions imposed on all residents during the isolation period.

As Christmas approaches, many families are looking for loopholes in the Public Health Office Order to find a way to celebrate with their senior loved ones this holiday. Love your family members who live at Bria Communities enough to stay separated at Christmas, and our teams of staff will do the same with theirs.

Vaccines are available to some of our care centres staff right now, so we are now at the beginning of the end of this pandemic; please be patient.

This holidays season, rather than looking for loopholes, we strongly recommend looking for unique opportunities to celebrate together:

  • Schedule one-on-one virtual visits so you can have a quailty chat with your loved one. (See links below.)
  • Schedule a virtual party. Using Google Meet we can arrange for your loved one to connect with as many family members as you’d like throughout the holidays. (See links below.)
  • Send flowers, a fruit basket, a candy bouquet, or even a rootbeer tasting pack.
  • Put together a 12 Days of Christmas Care Package
  • Drop off photo albums, puzzles, activity books, Christmas treats and gifts at our reception desks. These will be safely delivered to your loved ones.

You can now schedule virtual visits online

Click here to schedule a virtual visit in one easy step. Invite as many family members to participate in these chats as you’d like; add their email addresses as you’re filling out the form. An email will arrive in your inbox with further instructions on how to participate. 

Don’t forget to let your loved one know that you’ve scheduled a time, and they can visit reception or recreation for access to the tablet and the call. 

14 December 2020

Margaret, a resident at Sunridge Gardens in Langley, gives a little pep talk about how to handle Christmas 2020 like a champ.

08 December 2020

Like many of you, we were not surprised by the Provincial Health Office continuing current restrictions until 08 January, 2021. We are sad for what this means for many seniors and family members this Christmas, but hopeful for good vaccine news on the horizon in 2021!

In keeping with the mandate, we will continue to welcome essential visitors only in our buildings, to restrict the size of group gatherings, and encourage residents to wear masks.

We strongly encourage residents and their loved ones to limit engagements with anyone outside their immediate social bubble and to wear masks at all times outside the building.

As you make your holiday plans, please consider that one resident’s health impacts the health of all residents. When a single resident is exposed to Covid-19, it directly affects all the seniors in their community and may increase lock-down measures for all.

Here are a few ways you can stay connected with our residents over the Christmas season:

  • Schedule video chats for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Message us with the details and we’ll work with you to set up the video call regardless of your loved one’s technological abilities.
  • Create a family video and send it to us to share with your loved one. Share you videos on Google Drive using the address BriaCommunities@CenturyGroup.ca or email them.
  • Make a 12 Days of Christmas Care Package using these easy instructions.

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