Our mission at Bria Communities is to create safe and vibrant communities for the seniors who live in our retirement communities in Langley and South Delta. Not all seniors can be residents, and our relationships with local partners who share our values ensure that all seniors in our neighbourhoods have opportunities to flourish and thrive.

Langley Senior Resources Society

An independent, not-for-profit registered charity that has been providing health, recreational and food services to seniors and adults of all abilities since 1982.


A non-profit organization dedicated to the well being of the people of Delta.

Seniors Service Society

A non-profit agency located in New Westminster, which provides local and provincial programs and services to support vulnerable older adults to live as independently as possible.

Langley Meals on Wheels

A charitable, non-profit society providing affordable menu plans and social meal programs in the Langley community.

Langley Senior Advisory Committee 

A credible and respected community organization from which a voice for seniors is heard and their grassroots feedback can be solicited. Where seniors take action to improve the quality of life and well being of seniors in our community.


AssistList is a charitable organization in British Columbia that promotes public health by empowering our community to buy, sell, or donate health medical equipment.