Bria Communities is a privately-owned family of seniors’ residences owned and operated by Century Group, a real estate development company based in British Columbia.

About Bria

Century Group privately owns and operates four properties under the Bria name: Magnolia Gardens in Langley, Sunridge Gardens in Murrayville, The Waterford, and our newest boutique community The Wexford, both in Tsawwassen.

For sixty years, Century Group has built places that define neighbourhoods; places with walkable streets where people live, work and shop, and places connected to natural landscapes. These places, when built at a human scale, with an aim of reducing energy use, create more sustainable communities with durable value and lasting beauty.

Bria Communities is focused on creating liveable neighbourhoods that consider people at every stage of their lives. Seniors’ communities, built as integrated parts of residential developments and located near local businesses and amenities, is how Century Group expresses its development, operating and community-building principles.

Bria represents a family of unique, individually-managed residences that share a core set of values and systems to provide seniors with the best possible independent living experience as consistently as possible.


Our vision is to be the leader in creative, supportive and safe home-like settings that enable our residents to lead quality lives.

We invite those who share this vision to partner with us. If you’re interested in building communities with us, please contact Century Group at 604 943-2203 or

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