All Aboard for Brighter Days!

Launch into the best days of your life with these tips on how to stay buoyant when the weather is dark and dreary.

LIGHTEN UP  Vitamin D from the sun can elevate your mood. Make a point to open your curtains and soak up as much daylight as you can.

KEEP ACTIVE  Take a daily walk, perhaps to a mall or a community centre with an indoor track. Join a senior-friendly fitness centre.

EAT WELL  Sometimes comfort foods can slow you down; stick to lean proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates like whole-wheat bread and brown rice.

STAY CONNECTED  Engage in social activities and connect with others, this is the key to staying upbeat especially during the winter months.

BRIA COMMUNITIES seniors’ living offers a brilliant solution to dreary days. Enjoy bright, spacious suites, delicious meals prepared fresh by our Red Seal chefs, and fun fitness activities. Best of all are the friendships you’ll make while you dine together, dance to live music, and drive on delightful adventures in the Bria bus.

Brighten up your day; come for a tour and we’ll treat you to lunch. Click here to book your tour!