Are You Living In 7D? | The Keys to Active Senior Living

Living In 7D

When you think about being healthy, what pops into your head? Most of us jump to physical health and think of strong brains and bodies.

In Bria Communities, we envision health and wellness to be much more! We see in 7D — seven dimensions of wellness.

Experiencing a full range of emotions and being able to share them with others are the hallmarks of a strong emotional life. In Bria Communities, it’s not just programming that nurtures emotional health; it’s also the personal relationships between residents and staff.

Connecting and contributing to our planet contributes directly to your well-being. Bria Communities offers everything from nature walks and country drives to tending communal gardens and even bee-keeping!

Stimulating and stretching your brain is key to good health. Every day holds opportunities for learning growth in Bria Communities. Residents enjoy games, guest speakers, new hobbies and puzzles, all in the company of friends.

Actively engaging in maintaining a healthy physical body is essential to good health. In Bria Communities, the combination of regular fitness classes and coaching, walkable neighbourhoods, and delicious healthy meals goes a long way to maintaining overall physical health.

Loneliness and isolation are well-documented dangers. Strong and healthy relationships are the antidote. Living in a social community like a Bria seniors residence connects you to neighbours, friends, and acquaintances— it’s the best way to stay socially healthy.

Feeling meaningfully connected to something bigger than ourselves contributes significantly to our sense of well-being. Residents in Bria Communities have opportunities for hymn sing-alongs, guided meditation, church services and more.

When it comes to overall wellness, don’t underestimate the importance of purpose. Opportunities to volunteer, feel helpful, and support others abound within Bria Communities.

Come live in 7D with us and discover the opportunities for good health and well-being of that can come with living in a Bria Community. Schedule a tour or contact one of our Residency Coordinators for more details.