Look on the Bright Side!

Seniors in Photobooth Laughing

Staying positive is the secret to aging well. Be encouraged! There are many easy life hacks to help you look on the bright side as you age.


A 2019 study published in the Psychological Bulletin concluded that smiling makes you feel happy! Best of all—it’s free!


Intentional thankfulness is a sure way to brighten your days. Consider keeping a gratitude journal—write down one thing a day and go back to re-read items regularly.


Trigger the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain. Take a walk, go dancing, or try yoga, and you’ll enjoy a boost to your overall mood.


Stay positive by combatting loneliness. Visit a neighbour, make a phone call, join a club—make an effort to make a connection.

When you join the Bria Communities family, you take a step towards positive aging. Every day in our retirement communities you have the opportunity to smile, be thankful, exercise, and connect with others. Book a tour and come visit us.