Conversations that Can Change Caregiver Fatigue

Senior Caregiver Fatigue

“60% of Canadians caring for an aging loved one say it leaves them worried or distressed. 30% say it makes them angry or irritable*,” says Tanya Snow, Director of Bria Communities. “Anyone who has supported a loved one as their needs change knows that it can be challenging.”

Here are four conversation starters that change caregiver fatigue.

“Can I share something with you?”
Tend to your emotional health by talking about your situation. Choose trusted allies who listen with compassion and allow you to speak honestly of your personal experiences. Don’t be afraid to seek out a professional. Ask your local Seniors Centre who they would recommend.

“Can we share the load?”
Invite family, friends, and neighbours for support. “Be specific when you ask,” says Tanya, “it helps people know what they’re signing up for and makes your needs clear.” Support with a meal, housekeeping, or visit rotation can make a big difference in keeping caregivers fresh.

“Can we make a change?”
The hardest conversations are often the ones you have with your ageing parent. “Older adults always say they don’t want to be a burden to their children,” notes Tanya. “So, if you’re feeling burdened, you need to tell the truth and talk about alternatives.”

“Can you help me?”
The answer is yes! Many businesses and non-profits, and individuals are available to support you. Senior living communities, home care, respite support and adult daycare all provide services that relieve caregivers.

“Residents’ spouses and children often tell me how their relationship with their loved ones has changed for the better since they moved into one of our communities,” Tanya says. “Getting the support you need lets you go back to being a wife or daughter, or a husband or son. You don’t have to define your relationship by caregiving.”

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