The Benefits of a Good Pair of Shoes for Seniors

Good Pair of Shoes for Seniors

Think about the last time you tried to walk around for a whole day in shoes that just don’t fit quite right. It was probably much harder to get around and your feet were probably didn’t feel their best. It’s important for everyone to have a solid pair of shoes, but it’s particularly important for seniors.

A Good Pair of Shoes for Seniors

For seniors, a good pair of shoes is essential. It goes beyond style and comfort – for seniors, a sturdy pair of shoes is important for both health and safety reasons.

A good pair of shoes can prevent falls

As we get older, the risk of falls is much greater. While a fall might typically result in just a few scratches for most adults, for seniors the health risk associated with a fall is much greater. A fall can result in bone fractures, muscle damage, or head injuries. So, how do shoes contribute to falls?

A pair of shoes that either doesn’t fit properly or is in a style that doesn’t offer much in the way of stability can throw off your balance and make it harder to catch yourself after a stumble. If shoes are too big or too loose, you could trip over them as you walk. Or if they’re too tight or too small, you could experience issues as well.

When seniors wear shoes that fit properly, they can dramatically reduce the likelihood of experiencing a fall by giving their feet better support and stability when they walk and stand.

The right shoes can keep you healthier

It’s super important for seniors to stay active as they age. Regular physical activity has been shown to be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of many medical conditions, including diabetes, heart conditions, cognitive issues, and mental health. When you have a comfortable pair of shoes that you like to wear, you’re much more likely to get out and go for a walk or just move around more in general.

Certain health conditions like diabetes can also cause problems with the feet, which can lead to further complications. In situations like these, a good pair of shoes that won’t cause blisters or other injury to the feet is a must.

They provide more support for your feet

As we get older, our feet naturally change. It’s common for seniors to experience a decrease in the fat padding on the bottom of the feet, which means the bones in your feet experience more impact as you walk. Feet often become weaker, as joints become stiff, arches flatten, and tendons & ligaments lose strength. These changes mean the feet don’t have as much natural support, and therefore need to get that support from shoes and slippers.

What to look for in a good pair of shoes for seniors

When it’s time to buy new shoes, there are a few things seniors should look for:

  • Non-slip soles – good grip is a must for preventing slips and falls
  • Flat or low heels – these types of shoes provide more stability and better balance
  • No laces – velcro or slip on shoes are easier to put on, especially for those with balance issues
  • Good padding – proper padding will absorb the shock of your foot on the ground, which is good for the hips, knees, and back
  • High back – shoes with a high back provide extra support to the ankles, which can provide more stability

Tips for shoe shopping

Once you know what to look for, it’s time to shop around. Here are a few tips to follow to ensure you get the best fit possible:

  • Research online and try them on in-person – Reading reviews online can be really helpful when you look for shoes. However, it’s important to try them on in person before you buy.
  • Go for a short stroll – When you try them on, walk around the store and make sure you take more than just a few steps. You want to make sure they’re comfortable before you buy them.
  • Shop in the afternoon – Feet tend to swell up through the day, so you want to make sure there’s enough room to accommodate for swelling. You’ll get a better fit if you try them on later in the day when your feet have swelled a bit.
  • Bring the right socks – Make sure you try on shoes while wearing the socks you wear the most often. If you go shopping in socks that are either thicker or thinner than usual, the fit might not be quite right.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to get some great new shoes that will make your feet happier than ever. Happy shopping!

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