Original Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

gift ideas for seniors

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to make your list and check it twice! If you’re stuck wondering what to get your parents, grandparents, or other seniors in your life, you’re not alone. After all, what do you get for a person who says they already have everything they need? Don’t worry, it’s possible to find them a gift they will love. You just have to get a little creative!

Gift Ideas for Seniors

When you think about what to buy for the seniors in your life, consider about their personality. Do they tend to appreciate more practical gifts that they can use in everyday life? Or do they like to try out new gadgets they might not purchase for themselves? We’ve put together some ideas to suit everyone.

Practical gifts

If you think a practical gift is the best way to go, think about items that can make everyday life easier for seniors. What common issues do they face around their home? Also consider what items they use all the time that might need to be replaced. Some cool ideas: a new pair of slippers with sturdy bottoms for walking around the house, a pill organizer to make it easy to monitor medication, a shopping cart with wheels for errands, motion sensor lights for hallways, or a light therapy lamp to boost their mood during the dark winter days.

Fun gifts

If you know your loved one likes to have fun, there are lots of fun gift options to keep them entertained. If they’re the artistic type, an adult colouring book with some coloured pencils is a great option. (It also has the added benefit of being a great stress reliever!) Board games or card games are great options for those who are more social, as they can invite friends and family over to play along. Puzzles and brain challenging books like crosswords and sudoku are excellent for those who like to spend time on their own.

Tech gifts

For those who love to try new things, a tech gift is the way to go. A smartphone or tablet gives your loved one an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends, while also giving them tons of entertainment options. You can also offer to teach them how to use their new gadget, which is a fun way to spend some time together. For those who love to read but find it hard on their eyes, an audiobook subscription service is a great idea. They’ll love being able to listen to recordings of new books and old favourites. Another cool idea is a white noise sleep machine, which creates a soothing sleep environment. It’s ideal for light sleepers, as it can block out noises that disrupt sleep.

Personalized gifts

When in doubt, go for a gift with a personal touch. Create a scrapbook filled with shared memories that you can look at together, or choose a special photo and have it professionally framed. Another great idea is to take old home movies and create digital copies that they can watch on their computer or tablet.

Another wonderful option is to give them the gift of a shared experience. Treat them to a special day filled with their favourite things and favourite people. A few ideas: take them out to lunch or dinner at a favourite restaurant, go see a movie or theatre production, visit a museum or local attraction, or go for a fancy afternoon tea. They’ll love being able to spend time with loved ones and create new memories together.