Magnolia Gardens Welcomes Neighbours Evacuated from their Homes

seniors in front of bus

On April 3rd, a Langley seniors complex witnessed a fire where nearly 100 people were evacuated from their homes. The Langley Lions Senior Citizen Housing Society, who run the building, had hoped that many would be back in their homes later that day. Some residents, however, were displaced while their units are being repaired.

Magnolia Gardens, a Bria Community, has graciously welcomed four of the people who were displaced due to the fire, until their homes have been restored, which is expected to take six weeks. The Best Western and The Ramada have also taken in some of the residents.

“Overall the responses from staff and residents alike have been very positive”, said the General Manager of Magnolia Gardens, Pam Murphy. Everyone has welcomed the newcomers with open arms and feel proud to live and work at place that reaches out to the community in this way.


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