Nominate a South Delta Senior To Win

nominate a senior


BC Seniors have a lot to celebrate this June. As provincial health orders relax and second vaccinations get booked, it’s time to start looking forward to a new chapter. BC Seniors week kicks off June with great opportunities to celebrate and promote seniors. The Waterford and The Wexford seniors residences in Tsawwassen have a plan to do precisely that—by giving away 20 deluxe packages worth $250 each to local seniors.


BC Seniors Week runs from June 6-12. It was established in 2002 to create an opportunity for communities to acknowledge the contributions and importance of their elders by providing opportunities to celebrate, honour, and engage them. Covid-19, however, put a temporary halt to many of the usual activities associated with Seniors week.

“Normally in South Delta, we’d host a big outdoor festival with live music, free food and lots of great resources and services for seniors,” says Andie Bakehouse, Residency Coordinator for The Waterford and The Wexford. “This year required more creativity. We know that many seniors have been very isolated this past year—missing friends and families, and activities. So we decided to give away some awesome pandemic pick-me-up care packages.”


Bakehouse is working with South Delta businesses to put together 20 deluxe packages loaded with goodies like hanging baskets, chocolate, wine, gift cards, and more—each unique and each valued at $250.

Entering the draw for these pandemic pick-me-ups is as simple as a nomination. Providing the nominee is 65 years old and lives in the South Delta neighbourhood, they can win. Members of the community are welcome to nominate anyone who qualifies, even themselves, by visiting

“We’re asking people to share why they think the senior they’re nominating needs to win,” notes Bakehouse. “I’m expecting to shed a few tears and get a few good laughs as we read over them.”

Entry is noon on Thursday, 10 June. The lucky winners will have their care packages safely delivered to them by a staff member from The Waterford or The Wexford.


Twenty lucky seniors will receive $250 prizes, but no one goes home empty-handed. “We have a swag bag full of treats for every senior who is nominated,” says Bakehouse. Swag bags can be picked up at a drive-thru event in The Wexford parking lot (1737 56 St.) on Friday, 11 June, between 1-3 pm. The Wexford team will also be giving out free mini-donuts and a beverage, all delivered safely through their car window.

“If ever there was a year to treat seniors like royalty, this is it,” says Bakehouse. “We’ll do our best to celebrate Seniors Week this year, and in 2022 when everyone vaccinated, and Covid is in the rearview mirror, we’ll be able to have a big community-wide party for seniors week.”