Pam Murphy recognized in Langley Times

Pam Murphy and resident

Black Press, the BC-based publisher of many interior papers, including Langley Times, runs an annual feature to honour “Women In Business” in their various local communities.

This year, in recognition of International Women’s Day, Pam Murphy, our Area General Manager for Langley and General Manager for Magnolia Gardens, received the privilege of being asked to participate in an question-and-answer programme designed to mentor young women entrepreneurs.

Pam selected six questions that gave her the opportunity to reflect on her life’s journey, how she got started in business and the learning she can share based on those life experiences.

Her advice?

  • It doesn’t matter how old you are when you enter the workforce, everyone needs to start sometime.
  • Be true to your personal values and convictions, find something you love doing and do it to the best of your ability .
  • Cultivate your transferrable skills and think outside the box… being flexible and agile will help lead you to opportunities you have not yet imagined.

Click on the attached PDF to read the rest of her responses… and you might just learn something about Pam you didn’t know!