Rick & Jan’s Big Secret

rick and jan
rick and jan outside

Rick and Jan have a secret. The couple who moved into Sunridge Gardens in Langley this past November agree that they’ve discovered something few people know, and they want to go public.

When Rick retired from his job as a pharmacy specialist with a medical company, the couple decided to move from Langley back to Ontario to be close to extended family. They discovered that the move wasn’t a great fit, and before long they returned to Langley and started looking for somewhere to live. Their search for the right home was impacted by Jan’s health issues, although only 66-years-old, Jan’s eyesight had begun to fail making it difficult to manage everyday activities.

They stopped by Sunridge Gardens for a tour, and just a few weeks later they moved in.

“This is the best decision I’ve ever made,” Jan says with a laugh.  “I don’t have to worry about cleaning my suite, preparing meals or going grocery shopping. I don’t have to worry about any of that anymore; now I can concentrate on being well and living!”

70-year-old Rick agrees that decision was a great one for them; however he admits he got a bit of a surprise when they moved in.
“We didn’t notice the demographics, but it became apparent once we moved in we realized we’re younger than most other residents.” Jan is completely unphased, “I’m probably 20 years younger than most of the women here, but I don’t see the age. It’s just comfortable for me to be here.”

“People have a misconception about what living in a retirement community will be like,” 70-year-old Rick says. “I think it’s a well-kept secret that you don’t have to be 80 to live here. We look at this as retirement living!”

Once in a while people question their decision, they refer to the Thompson’s new living situation as ‘a care facility’ or ‘nursing home.’ Jan’s quick to clarify, “This is not a nursing home. In fact, if you need extra nursing care, maybe Sunridge Gardens isn’t the place for you. This is retirement living. You have the freedom to do what you want when you want.”

Rick’s response comes with a big laugh, “All we have to do is ask ‘who does your housekeeping?’ Oh, it’s you. ‘Who does your cooking?’ Oh, it’s you. ‘Who does all your grocery shopping?’ Oh, it’s you. We have none of that!” He continues cheekily, “you know what I have to do? I have to go downstairs to the mailbox, pick up the mail and go back upstairs. It’s really tough!”

Rick and Jan aren’t the only ones who have discovered the secret. When Sheila and her husband moved into The Waterford in Tsawwassen last fall, she found herself breathing a sigh of relief.

“It’s stress-free living,” says Sheila, “and it has given us much more time to do the things we like.” These days walking to the beach, reading in the sun on in the rooftop garden, and dancing with her sweetheart during social hour are at the top of Sheila’s to do list. “Our quality of life has improved,’ Sheila states, “We are living again.”

Back in Langley Rick and Jan are looking to recruit some young friends to join them in retirement living at Sunridge Gardens. “We want to encourag people to explore living options like this,” says Jan. “I think there are a lot of seniors who wait too long to move in somewhere like this; they think they’ll be losing their independence. You’re not!” Rick agrees, “People miss the boat because they don’t understand the opportunity.”

Don’t miss the boat, set up an opportunity to tour Sunridge Gardens or one of the other Bria Communities today!