Safe Summer Activities for Seniors

Senior at Bria Eating Ice Cream - Safe Summer Activities

Summer is the time to get together with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful weather. With restrictions due to Covid-19 still in place, keeping healthy and safe is the top priority. But there are still a multitude of activities seniors can enjoy in this season. Need some ideas? Here are six summer activities for you to do with the seniors in your life.


Take a walk through a local park and you may have seen beautifully painted rocks-whether it was wearing a smile, an inspirational saying or something totally unique. It has become a favourite pastime during the pandemic. Why not try it for yourself? To avoiding shopping, seniors can ask a friend or family member to pick up some paint before their next visit and have fun exploring your creativity! Another idea would be to paint flower pots, or set up an easel outdoors and paint what you see. Nature is overflowing with inspiration!

Not a painter? Try sculpting with modelling clay or taking photographs of the beautiful BC scenery. There’s an abundance of inspiration for ways to let your artistic talent shine. To keep seniors safe, remember to sanitize any supplies you use and wear a mask if crafting with others.


Open a photo album and take a stroll down memory lane-or a saunter, a mosey, meander, lollygag, or whatever you wish! This is a sweet and relaxing way to spend time with friends or family, reminiscing about old memories while making beautiful, new ones.


How long has it been since you went on a picnic? Why not pack a lunch or pick up some takeout and head to a local park, or beach, or even the courtyard for a fun and delicious meal together. Choose a spot with a picnic table to make it easy for seniors to enjoy their meal. Look for spots outside of the direct sunlight, and consider bringing a sweater for the shade. Remember to sanitize anything you share and to keep proper physical distancing measures in groups.


If you think that meat is the only thing you can barbecue, think again. If you’re intrigued by the idea of grilling a banana split, homemade BBQ pizza or even s’mores, these are just the beginning. Invite the senior in your life to join in the food prep (don’t forget those disposable gloves and a face mask), so everyone can enjoy the flame-broiled fruits of their labour afterwards


Take in the natural beauty and head down to the river or the ocean for a relaxing afternoon. There’s something so healing about being near the water. What a perfect opportunity to take that picnic, or simply enjoy the warmer weather and time with loved ones. Remember to take your mask with you and keep appropriate distance from others enjoying the view.


And one of the best ways to spend time with people you love is to use that time thinking of someone else. Is it a family member, a friend? Why not write them a note of encouragement, put together a care package or call them up and have a video chat? It might just be the thing they need today, and during the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, staying connected with loved ones and the community is more important than ever.

However you choose to spend the last of these beautiful summer days, following the measures set out by BC health officials will ensure that you have a healthy, safe and wonderful summer with the seniors in your life.

~Guest Author: Rhianna Lynn