Sunridge Gardens Surfs The Heat Wave

Sunridge Gardens residents beat the heat this past weekend at their annual outdoor summer party. Residents, family and friends joined together for a bbq lunch, live entertainment, ice cream and tons of fun in the shade of more than 20 tents and umbrellas set up in the courtyard.

While everyone worked on staying cool, the Suede Dogs entertained with summer songs by the Beach Boys and Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. The highlight of the event was the Ms Sunridge Beach Contest featuring this summer’s trendiest looks including diving flippers, bathing cap, stuffed parrot in a Hawaiian shirt, and a giant inflatable flamingo.

Events like this are a key part of life at Sunridge Gardens, as well as our other Bria communities. Residents appreciate the chance to invite friends and family over for fun and well-planned events that create opportunities to make new memories together.