Tech Gifts for Seniors

Tech Gifts for Seniors

While it’s more blessed to give than to receive, gift-giving can also be more stressful. Though it may seem daunting, technological advances have provided many innovative ideas to enhance a senior’s life. From assisting with daily tasks to entertainment and health, the gift of technology might just be the perfect solution. Here are six ideas to springboard your gift-giving creativity this Christmas season for your special senior.

Audible Audiobook Subscription for Seniors who Love a Good Book

Is reading a challenge for the senior on your Christmas list? Check out Audible and scroll through their incredible number of professionally recorded audiobooks. Just click to purchase and download to your library for quick, easy listening. Access the collection from a tablet, smartphone or computer and find that next great read! Give the gift of an Audible subscription or gift card so your loved one can sit back, relax and indulge their love of a good book.

Comfortable Headphones for Seniors who want to Hear Crystal Clear

Hearing loss is a common challenge for seniors and one that can leave them feeling isolated and lonely. This Christmas, give the gift of clear communication with a pair of headphones that the senior in your life will love. Chatting on the phone or listening to music has never been so clear and comfortable. Check out Soul Impact’s wireless Bluetooth headphones for a product with an integrated microphone and up to eighteen hours of playtime. Made of material for optimal comfort, these headphones make an ideal gift. And what a great way to sit back with your latest Audible bestseller? Listen as what was fuzzy now becomes clear. Learn more here.

Automatic Pill Dispenser for Seniors Who Want to Simplify Medication

With health as a top priority for seniors, a customized medication regiment is no stranger. An automatic pill dispenser can help to ensure safe and effective intake. With features including spacious compartments to store pills, the ability to be programmed to the minute and a variety of reminder alerts designed to fit a senior’s needs, these products make a great addition to a safe and healthy life. The LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser contains 28 compartments with a maximum of six doses per day and a choice of flashing lights, buzzing or alert tones as reminders, and is a great choice this Christmas.

Wireless Receivers for Seniors who Want to Find Everything

Nothing is as frustrating as misplacing something essential-keys, wallet, glasses, remote control. For the senior who may struggle with memory loss and forgetfulness, this can be especially discouraging. But automated key finders make finding your lost items easy. Attach a receiver to the item and with a click from the transmitter, find it in seconds. Be alerted by a beep when the item is nearby, and whether indoors or out, never lose your essentials again. A time-saver, a stress-reliever and a nifty gadget for the tech-savvy, it’s the answer you’ve been searching for! Here’s a quality brand to check out.

Amazon Echo for Seniors Who Want to Simplify Life

The Amazon Echo has become a household name, legendary for simplifying our lives. But for seniors, it can ease the stress of daily tasks with a simple voice command. With one simple ask, Alexa can set timers, create events, make reminders, check the news, weather, traffic, sports scores and more. Tune into your favourite podcasts or ask Alexa to turn on the radio. Not with your family for the holidays? Alexa can call them hands-free. This device has it all, and it may just be the perfect first step into a life of simplicity.

Nintendo Wii for Seniors who Want to Play

Video games aren’t just for teenagers anymore. Keeping fit is essential for seniors, and the Nintendo Wii is a great addition to any fitness regiment. Exercise in your living room with a bit of sword fighting, ride on a water scooter or toss around the frisbee. For an affordable gift that promotes health and fitness, check out the Nintendo Wii.

While technological gifts can add many benefits to a senior’s livelihood, nothing can compare to giving the gift of time. Even if that time is helping to set up their new Echo or choosing their first audiobook, it will be time well-spent and much appreciated.

By Guest Writer: Rhianna Lynn