Terry Fox Walk, Roll and Stroll for the Cause

seniors terry fox run

In conjunction with the annual Terry Fox run for cancer research in September, the staff and residents of Magnolia Gardens held a fundraiser called “walk, roll and stroll” for the cause. Pledges were collected by the recreation staff for two weeks prior to the event. When the day finally arrived, about thirty residents took to the back courtyard, some walking independently, some using walkers, and some in wheelchairs to do laps around the pond under beautiful, sunny skies.

Spirits were high, and there was laughter and camaraderie among those who participated. Fundraisers like this are a great way to build a sense of community as all of the residents are working together to raise money. It was also great way to get the residents outside doing something active. We frequently hold exercise and stretching classes but I think anyone would agree that being outside on a sunny day and walking (or rolling) among friends is more fun than any workout class!

When the final tally was calculated, $882.00 was raised for this worthwhile cause. Terry’s dream will continue as long as we all remember that we can make a difference if we each do our part.

seniors walking
seniors walking


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