The Sunridge Gardens Craft Club

seniors painting

Here are some of the ladies in the Craft Club at Sunrdige Gardens in Langley. This month, they were creating fabulous dream catchers, however each month they choose a different project. Many of the ladies in the club have been sewing and crafting for years, so they really enjoy having the opportunity to continue this hobby.

The club also gives members another opportunity to socialize and studies show art programs at retirement residences can be very beneficial; especially for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia. This is because the part of the brain involved in emotion and creativity is one of the last areas affected by the disease, so even if residents are experiencing memory problems their imagination and artistic ability remain robust.

Many experts believe that art therapy can be a a very positive long-term effect and provides a wonderful outlet for self expression so it’s great that the recreation team at Sunridge is able to facilitate this program.



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