The Waterford goes bowling!

Waterford Events - Bowling

Well over a year ago the Recreation Team at The Waterford starting taking residents bowling and they have a group of approximately 10 residents that attend the monthly event and really enjoy it. The Rec Team talked about possibly giving up the activity during the summer months, since there are so many other activities going on during this time, but the residents insisted that it remain as one of their monthly outings. They didn’t want to give it up!

Some of the residents are quite good bowlers, while others just come to have fun and challenge themselves. Not only do the residents have a great time but they also benefit from attending in other ways, such as improving and maintaining their hand-eye coordination as well as their balance (which becomes more and more important as we age).

Overall this is a wonderful activity that gives residents another chance to socialize and move around and we’re very happy that they get so much enjoyment out of it.


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