Vaccination Mandatory for Bria Staff

mandatory vaccination

In early June, Bria Communities residents received their second dose of the vaccine. Since then, there have been zero cases of Covid-19 identified among fully vaccinated staff and residents. This evidence of effective protection from the vaccine compels us to make the bold step to make full vaccination mandatory for staff.

On 12 August 2021, Provincial Health Officer (PHO) mandated that anyone working in long-term care and seniors assisted living facilities be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by 12 October 2021. Yesterday, the PHO ordered that all health care workers must be vaccinated by 23 October 2021.

“We are proud that currently 95% of our staff are fully vaccinated,” says Tanya Snow, Director of Bria Communities. “We believe it is our professional and moral obligation to protect the most vulnerable seniors who live in our retirement communities, as well as each other, from this devastating virus. Therefore are choosing to extend this mandate to all staff in our independent senior living communities as well.”

Effective 12 October 2021, all Bria Communities staff must show one-time proof of vaccination in the form of the BC Vaccine Card to be permitted in any of the Bria Communities.

In addition, we require all outside health care and personal care providers (nurses, physiotherapists, home support workers, pharmacists, etc.), personal support providers (hairdressers, aestheticians, companions), entertainers, contractors, and volunteers to show proof of vaccination to be permitted into any of the Bria Communities after 12 October 2021.

“Each day, residents in Bria Communities experience the benefits of being fully vaccinated,” notes Tanya Snow. The lonely days of self-isolating in their suites for fear of contracting the virus have gone. Instead, they enjoy meals together, hug one another, play games across the table from each other, and sit side-by-side to enjoy drinks and social hour entertainment. “We believe seniors deserve this kind of freedom, and we are committed to supporting it.”