Vegas-style Valentines Vow Renewals at The Wexford

Vow Renewals at The Wexford
Seniors renew wedding vows with Elvis

It takes two things to remain married for 60+ people: love and a sense of humour. On Valentine’s Day, three couples at The Wexford seniors living community in Tsawwassen BC, celebrated their love by renewing their wedding vows Vegas-style with Elvis presiding over the ceremony.

Married for a total of 204 years, Les (94) and Elenor (92) Edgeworth, Lloyd (89) and Irene Knoblauch (89), and Larry (81) and Irene (80) Shaw followed Elvis in procession to gather before a crowd of XXX witnesses and pledge their love…again!

Presiding over the ceremony as both officiant and wedding singer, Elvis (Vancouver Impersonator, Ronnie Scott) adorned each bride with a vivid red lei and each groom with a splashy red scarf. He serenaded the couples through their ‘first dance’ and champagne was served to guests in preparation for the toasting and cake cutting.

Les and Eleanor Edgeworth married 71 years ago in Vancouver, but have known each since grade school. “My brother had a liking of her first…so when he told me about her, I had to look into it.” laughs Les. Elinor remembers walking back to Sir James Douglas Elementary school after having lunch at home and seeing Les in the second-floor library window waving to her.

Larry, an amateur hockey player, was taking some recreational laps around the rink in Goderich, ON when he spotted a pretty girl ahead of him on the ice. He asked about her, and got shut down, “She’ll never skate with you,” said a mutual friend. Six months later, he and Irene were married. When asked how they’ve made it through 62 years, Irene reflects, “We decided right from the beginning there would be no divorce.”

On Valentine’s day 1947, Irene, a highschool student at John Oliver Secondary in Vancouver, sent a homemade Valentine’s card four houses up the street to the young man who lived there. A year later, that young man took the opportunity Valentine’s Day afforded him and proposed to her. Seventy-one years later, Lloyd and Irene’s love is going strong!

None of these couples imaged that years after their wedding day, they would meet Elvis under a festooned wedding arch in their retirement community in Tsawwassen and pledge their love to one another once again.

This spectacular event was the brainchild of The Wexford’s vibrant Recreation Manager, Diane James. “I love hosting big, fun events that are memorable for residents and their family members,” says Diane, who has hosted fantastic events at The Wexford since it opened in 2016. “What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with Elvis, champagne, cake and long-lasting love!”