The Waterford Celebrates 15 Years

Residents, staff, family and friends crammed 15 years worth of fun into one big night at The Waterford to celebrate their 15th anniversary. With a seven-piece country band playing all the hits and Chef Rod cranking out chicken and ribs on the BBQ everyone was feeling yeehaw and giddy up!

Guests appreciated the western style decor and perused Wanted Posters hanging on the walls featuring every resident. (Please be aware $100,000 reward was is being offered for the capture of 103-year-old Doreen ‘Forever Young’ Ferguson who is wanted for excessive whip crackin’.)

The bar was tended by recreation coordinator Chanelle Gunderson dressed her finest saloon dancing girl wear, and she served free drinks to cattle rustlers, cowpokes, and townsfolk alike, including mini-shoots of Jack Daniels. The dance floor was jam-packed all night long and whether they were two-steppin’, swingin’ circle or line dancing, partygoers were having a yippee-ki-yay time.

“This is a significant milestone for us,” says General Manager Tania Dusevic. “The standard of excellence we’ve maintained over 15 years is a testimony to our amazing staff and their commitment to creating a home where each resident is living their best life.”