What Type of Senior Living Fits Me Best?

types of senior living

“Independent Living, Assisted Living and Long-Term Care seem similar, how do I know which is the best choice for me?”

“Each senior’s reality is different, and there are many factors to consider,” says Pam Murphy, General Manager of Magnolia Gardens Seniors Community in Langley. She has more than twenty years of experience helping seniors and their family members assess their needs. “There is no algorithm or quiz you can take; it’s not that easy. But there are some indicators you can watch for.”

Independent Senior Living is right for you if:

  • Cooking and cleaning are tasks you’re not interested in anymore
  • Yard work and home maintenance take too much time and energy
  • Connecting, socializing and engaging with like-minded seniors is a priority
  • Active living without being reliant on driving everywhere appeals to you
  • Knowing someone is there to support you in an emergency is important
  • Home support agencies are available to provide the personal or medical support you may need in a day
  • Any mobility issues are easily addressed with a cane, walker, or scooter

Assisted Living is right for you if:

  • Support with meals and housekeeping is necessary for your health and safety
  • You require a Care Aide or Support Worker daily
  • You have trouble remembering to take medications
  • You know what to do in an emergency but may need some support if an incident were to occur
  • Mobility issues may be present, but you are still capable of moving independently
  • Washroom safety is a concern for you

Long-Term Care is right for you if:

  • Access to nursing staff is necessary 24/7 for your health and well-being
  • Mobility issues do not allow you to live independently
  • Cognitive issues require constant support from individuals other than yourself
  • Caring for your personal physical, social and medical needs is outside your ability
  • A secure home where your activities are monitored is necessary for your safety

What’s your next step?

A personal visit and in-depth conversation will be a key to the best option. Reach out to local senior living communities that provide these services and ask to meet with a Residency Coordinator or General Manager.

Bria Communities Seniors Residences in Langley and South Delta offer both Independent Living and Long-Term Care. To email or speak to a Residency Coordinator in Langley call Sherri Martin 604.351.6886, to speak to a Residency Coordinator in South Delta call Andie Bakehouse 604.364.7156.

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