Why We Wear Red

Why Bria Communities Staff Wear Red
Bria Communities Staff Wear Red

You’ll see the Bria team wearing red shirts at community events, while riding the Big Bike for Heart & Stroke, at fundraising BBQs, and for special in-house celebrations. Our red shirts are special to us, and the colour is symbolic of some of our key values!

PRIDE Bria red is the colour of Canada. In 1921 King George V declared red and white to be our official colours. If you want to be very specific, our red is called FIP Red, also known as Pantone 032. It’s the colour of the ribbons awarded by our Canadian Forces, the colour of our national team uniforms, and the colour of our flag. We’re proud of our Canadian roots, and it’s an honour to wear the colour that represents our country.

LOVE Red lipstick, red hearts, a little bit of red on your cheeks when you blush; love lives in our communities. It’s playful, friendly, compassionate and affectionate. Romantic love is alive in our homes, so is the love shared between friends who share meals, and the familial kind of love that grows between our staff and residents

PASSION  Every day is an opportunity to see our residents flourish, and our staff team are passionate about it! We work hard with high energy and commitment to create Vibrant, comfortable and safe retirement homes where seniors can enjoy each day to the fullest.

DISTINCTION Red stands out in a crowd, and so do we! From unique training for our staff to innovative technologies and increased services for our residents, our team is continuously looking to improve life in Bria Communities. Our vision is to be the leader in creative, supportive and safe home-like settings that enable our residents to lead quality lives.

It might look like our team members are just wearing red t-shirts, but in fact, you’ve caught a little glimpse of their heart.