$500 Bria Bonus Available Now!

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Spring 2021 has brought a fresh new day to BC seniors. With mass vaccination underway and a boom in the housing market, retired seniors turn their thoughts to their next move. Many seniors are looking for a carefree, active and amenity-laden lifestyle offered by a retirement community.

“It’s true that retirement communities offer similar services: an all-inclusive lifestyle, a senior-friendly rental suite, and lots of amenities,” says Janice Miller, Manager of Marketing and Community Relations for Bria Communities. “We really think our residences offer seniors something extra-special. Of course, we’re very biased,” she adds with a laugh. “There is a warmth and a very personal touch to our homes—residents are known and loved. They make lifelong friends with other residents and develop family-like connections to our staff.”

Making a big move can be stressful, and this spring Bria Communities introduced the Bria Bonus, a unique opportunity to choose a $500 gift to enhance the move-in experience.

“Often, the move from a family home to a seniors home has unexpected practical implications, and we wanted the Bria Bonus to address some of the issues we see when new residents move in,” notes Janice. “Some seniors change the size of their bed as they move, and our linen laundry service means they need two sets of linens for that bed. One of the Bria Bonuses is a $500 deluxe linen package that includes everything from a high-quality duvet and duvet cover, fitted and flat sheets, pillows, pillowcases and fluffy new towels.”

The opportunity to upgrade technology is another advantage of the Bria Bonus. New residents may choose a new iPad that comes complete with set-up assistance, ongoing support and a protective cover. Or they can choose a flat-screen smart TV that will be mounted on the wall of their new suie to their specifications and set up with our in-house cable package.

“Of six Bria Bonus options that we’re offering, we suspect the most popular will be $500 cash that we’ll give to residents on the day they move in,” says Janice. She also notes that’s the offer is one bonus per person, so couples don’t need to negotiate over which they want; they each get to choose!

The Bria Bonus is a limited-time offer available to residents who move in between April 1 – June 30, 2021. For more information about the Bria Bonus at Magnolia Gardens and Sunridge Gardens, contact Residency Coordinator Sherri Martin. For more information about the Bria Bonus at The Waterford and The Wexford, contact Residency Coordinator Andie Bakehouse.

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