Ask An Expert: Is Living in a Retirement Community Affordable?

cost of living

QUESTION: How does the cost of living in a retirement community compare to living at home?


Retirement living may be more affordable than you think!

You’ll find that residency fees vary from one retirement community to the next. Variables such as geographical location, suite size, building amenities, services provided in the building will all impact the residency fee. Finding one that fits your budget will be a matter of your preferences.

When you’re considering the cost of living in a retirement community, be sure to account for all the expenses you’re currently incurring in your current situation. It’s more than just a mortgage payment! Use this interactive form with Adobe Acrobat Reader to automatically calculate and compare the cost of living in your house or condo with living in a retirement community. Or download the form and complete it by hand. You may discover that residency fees in a retirement community will cover the majority of your current expenses.

What makes retirement living a great choice is all the wonderful perks included in your residency fee. At Bria Communities, this includes meals prepared by a professional chef, access to a personal trainer specializing in senior functional fitness, live music and entertainment in your own home every week, an on-site handyman, the freedom to live without a car, a building full of senior-friendly amenities and so much more! Some people compare it a vacation in an all-inclusive resort; in my opinion, it’s even better because living here isn’t a vacation—it’s your very own home sweet home!

As you do your research, use this checklist to track what services the residences you’re interested in offer and to help you discern what you want and how much you’re willing to pay. And if you’ve got questions about the costs associated with living in a seniors community. Feel free to email me with any questions you have.