Aging Well: Beyond Body & Brain Basics

Illustration of seniors holding hands

The International Council of Active Aging identifies seven dimensions of wellness that contribute to aging well. Let’s dive in to see how many you’ve discovered already.

1. ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS – Give & Receive from Mother Earth

The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the grass beneath your feet all affect your well-being. Contribute to a better planet through activities like recycling and growing plants. Gain peace of mind by visiting the beach or walking in the woods. A healthy environment is a two-way street, and you benefit both ways.

2. VOCATIONAL WELLNESS – Purpose in Every Step

Don’t underestimate the power of purpose in your life. It’s all about giving back and feeling helpful. Become a volunteer, support a neighbour, learn a skill, or raise funds for your favourite charity. It’s not just about staying well; it’s about making a difference!

3. EMOTIONAL WELLNESS – Ride the Emotional Rollercoaster

We’ve all experienced the wild ride of our emotions. You can thrive when you embrace the spectrum of your feelings. Find outlets where you can authentically express your feelings and concerns. Talking about your emotions with a trusted friend, family member, or professional can improve mental health.

4. SPIRITUAL WELLNESS – Invest in Inner Peace

It’s important to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. Spiritual people are happier and have overall better mental and physical health. A hymn sing-along, guided meditation, mass and prayer can help you discover inner peace and outer happiness.

5. SOCIAL WELLNESS – Getting Personal

Getting up close and personal is essential to good health in our digital world. Positive relationships enrich your life, while the impersonal relationships established through a screen actually steal your joy. Turn off the screen and instead surround yourself with neighbours, pals, and acquaintances. It’s the ultimate recipe for social wellness!

But wait, let’s not overlook the impact of brain and body health!


A happy brain is curious, creative, and cultivated. Keep your brain sharp by taking a class, learning a new game or about a new culture, and discussing interesting topics keep you stimulated and growing. Don’t do it alone! Learning is a whole lot more fun with friends by your side.

7. PHYSICAL WELLNESS – Dance, Walk, Eat, Repeat!

Maintaining a healthy body isn’t a chore; it’s a dance party! Eat things that nourish and delight, stretch your body and strengthen its core, breathe deeply, and sleep well. Do your best to keep your body in tip-top condition so you can dance the days away.

Did you identify some gaps that impact your well-being? October 2-8 is Active Aging Week, a perfect opportunity to take new steps to invest in your health and happiness by exploring some of the hidden contributors to aging well.

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