Are My Parents Ready for Senior Living?

senior couple with flowers

It’s challenging to support our parents in ways that give them choice and dignity as they age. We can find ourselves stretched thin, and sometimes, we’re in so deep that we don’t recognize the signs that it’s time for a change. 

Consider these six questions as you think about your parents’ needs and your own. 

Do They Need Support with Daily Chores?

When house and yard work become too much, adult children often pick up the slack. If caring for your own home and your parents is getting too much, it’s time to consider your options. All-inclusive independent living communities are known for taking care of the chores so seniors can focus on doing the things they love most.

Can They Take Care of Transportation?

We all appreciate the freedom that comes from organizing our transportation. Most seniors communities provide access to a minibus for group trips and a courtesy shuttle for personal errands. In addition, many are located in easily walkable neighbourhoods, with pharmacies, shopping, and medical care just steps away.

Do They Have Vibrant Social Lives?

Social circles can shrink as we age, but they don’t have to. Opportunities to connect in simple and profound ways abound in retirement communities where seniors live among their peers. Ultimately, it’s our relationships that lead to a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Are They Eating Well?

Nutrition plays a key role in overall health, but the hassles of shopping, meal prep, and clean-up can make skipping meals an appealing option. But when dining is as simple as walking to the dining room and sitting down with friends to choose from a menu full of choices, it’s easy to make good nutritional choices. 

Are They Safe at Home?

Safety concerns of all kinds are a source of anxiety for seniors and their children. Threats to health, finances, and security loom, but relief can be found in living in community. Living in a safe and secure building tailored to support seniors’ safety can bring peace of mind to everyone. 

Do They Have Purpose In Their Days?

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of purpose in our lives—until it’s missing. Living in a community of like-minded people, with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect, can help you feel fulfilled, respected and part of something bigger than yourself. 

“If a retirement community is an option, then don’t wait too long to make the change,” says Keri Severinski, Residency Coordinator for Bria Communities seniors residences in Langley. “Your parents benefit, and so will you!”

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