Covid-19 Updates

Our Care Centres are open to visitors. Find out what guidelines are in effect.

May 04, 2022

In past weeks we have seen residents test positive for Covid-19. When this happens, we ask these residents to self-isolate until five days after their symptoms have appeared and meals are delivered to them via room service. At residences where this occurs, we ask staff, visitors, and residents to wear masks until it’s deemed safe and healthy to remove them again.

• Additional visiting policies for our long-term Care Centres are available here.

• Bria residents have been vaccinated and received booster shots, except for a few medical exemptions. All Bria employees are fully vaccinated.

• Suites are available and new residents are welcome to move in. Visit our Resident Safety page for details about our safe touring and move-in practices.

• Residence-specific Covid-19 updates are provided directly to residents and by email to family members who are on our mailing list. Inquiries can be made to

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