Ask An Expert: Can I Trust Unregulated Retirement Communities?


Ask an Expert

This question is on many people’s minds these days. Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on the senior living industry, and we all want the assurance of knowing that our senior loved ones are safe at home.

Most independent living seniors communities like Bria Communities in Tsawwassen and Langley—are privately owned and therefore don’t fall under government oversight. That’s where the BC Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) comes in. 

The best senior living communities adhere to the high standards set by the BCSLA and have their Seal of Approval designation. 

The Seal of Approval is an industry-wide self-regulation program. It assures seniors and their families that they can expect the highest safety, security, and service standards. Every two years, residences must re-achieve their designation, ensuring that retirement communities like ours are excelling and continually improving. 

The newly revitalized Seal of Approval process is intense; it rigorously addresses health policies, safety measures, staff training and resident services. These changes are timely and seniors can be confident that retirement residences with a BCSLA Seal of Approval are trustworthy. 

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