Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat Senior Lifestyle

Everyone is looking forward to soaking up the sun this summer. But Pam Murphy, General Manager at Magnolia Gardens Seniors Community in Langley, has some sage advice for older adults looking to beat the heat. “Last year, our province experienced a lot of grief and loss due to the Heat Dome,” she says. “We’ve all learned a lot of lessons on how to stay safe as the temperature rises.”

Here are Pam’s four tips for staying safe in the sun this summer. 

“This is the number one thing,” Pam insists, “but seniors tend to forget to drink.” That doesn’t mean you must carry a big water bottle. “Drink small amounts during the day, even if you’re not thirsty.”

“Do the same thing you’d advise your young grandchildren to do,” says Pam. “Wear a hat and sunscreen, and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.”

Cooling down can be simple and inexpensive. Take a cold shower. Keep damp clothes in the freezer that you can drop over yourself. “We bought our residents’ inexpensive cooling scarves to wear around their necks. They worked so well the staff started wearing them too,” notes Pam.


“Communities have rallied to ensure everyone has access to cool spaces,” says Pam. Find out the hours at your local library, civic centre and seniors centre—they will welcome you into their air conditioning. Don’t forget you’re always welcome at your local spray park!


“I worry for seniors who don’t have a community like ours surrounding them,” says Pam. “Don’t isolate yourself, that’s the most dangerous choice of all.” Make an effort to know your neighbours so you can check in on them and vice versa. Stay in daily contact with a family member or friend.

Discover senior living that will make you feel like you’ve got it made in the shade. Enjoy full culinary and hospitality services, active recreation and social activities, and lots of friends and neighbours right outside your door.

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