Car-free Is Carefree in Bria Communities

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Living car-free is an increasingly popular choice for BC seniors. Not only is getting off the road a good choice for the environment, but the benefits ripple back to your wallet. Seniors living in Bria Communities have a wide variety of reasons for choosing a car-free lifestyle, and when they do, they’ve got lots of transportation options.

Courtesy Shuttle Van

The Bria Courtesy Shuttle is available for all local trips, from the practical to the pleasure cruise. This complimentary service is offered on scheduled days at each location, and residents make reservations ahead of time at the Reception Centre. 

“A taxi is expensive, even for a short trip,” says Inger Parent a resident at Sunridge Gardens, “I save a lot of money by being able to use the shuttle.” 

The shuttle offers independence and security as well. “Our residents love how convenient it is; they’re not stuck waiting for a ride from a friend or family member. And unlike a cab, they always know the driver and can expect terrific service.”

The Bria Bus

The next step up from the courtesy shuttle is the Bria Bus. These 16+ passenger buses take residents on trips across Metro Vancouver from Granville Island to the Chilliwack Tulip Festival. 

“The bus makes lots of local trips to our residents’ favourite spots,” says General Manager Matthew Jackson from The Waterford in Tsawwassen. “Centennial Beach, The Secret Garden and EmmaLea Farms are regular destinations.” Local malls are also frequent stops giving residents the opportunity to shop until they drop without worrying about finding a parking spot. 

Location, Location, Location

Walkable neighbourhoods are another key to living car-free in a Bria Community. Shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and civic amenities are all within easy walking distance. Sidewalks and scenic pathways favour pedestrians, and residents can get their steps as part of their fitness routine. 

The car-free life is the carefree life, and Bria Communities residents lead the way in showing British Columbians how to reduce emissions and save money by hanging up their car keys. For more information about the all-inclusive lifestyle we offer contact our residency coordinators. In Langley: Sherri Martin 604.351.8668. In South Delta: Andie Bakehouse 604.364.7156.

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