Bria Selects Welbi


Creating vibrant communities where seniors lead active and purposeful lives is at the heart of what we do every day. That’s why we’re partnering with Welbi, a state-of-the-art platform to help senior living communities deliver exceptional and unique life experiences to their residents.

Welbi, a Canadian company, was founded by Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau after her family lived through the tragedy of watching her grandfather’s health declined following a move into a retirement community. “He knew no one in the residence and had no motivation to leave his room. His health got worse and worse, and sadly, a few months later, he passed away…[our family] felt like we could have done better to support him.”

Elizabeth was motivated to learn more. “I then started doing some research and realized that 43% of the seniors living in retirement homes are suffering from social isolation. Social isolation is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and it increases your chances of suffering from dementia by 64%. I had to take action to make sure this wouldn’t happen to other families like mine, so we created Welbi.”

The Welbi platform will empower recreation teams to tailor services to meet the wants and needs of our residents. It helps us understand and track residents’ interests in a user-friendly. This allows us to craft programs that appeal to residents and engage them with like-minded individuals in activities to help form relationships.

Tanya Snow, Director of Bria Communities, understands the value of a tool like Welbi in a retirement community setting. “Quality relationships mean everything. Understanding the needs of a human in different stages of their life is critical. When someone is not engaged for some reason, it’s up to use to fix that create opportunities that will improve their quality of life.”

For the Recreation Managers at all four Bria retirement residences, Welbi is a game-changer. “I’m excited about the opportunities that Welbi is going to bring my team,” says Jennifer Wasden at Sunridge Gardens in Langley. “It’s easy to use, and it’s going to allow us to engage a larger number of residents in daily programs. When we create programs that residents get excited about, it benefits all aspects of their wellness.”

Implementing Welbi is part of a bigger plan to ensure seniors living in Bria Communities are flourishing. “We can’t ignore loneliness,” says Tanya Snow, “and it’s part of our commitment to make sure that even if you’re choosing to live in a more isolated way, you’re still going to be involved and engaged socially. “