Ask A Senior Living Expert

Ask an Expert

QUESTION: Why would I move into a seniors facility when I could stay in my home with home care support?

Pam Murphy, General Manager at Magnolia Gardens Seniors’ Community says:

You just used the ‘F’ word! Don’t worry; I won’t hold it against you. It can be confusing because some residences, like ours, offer a campus of care—both independent senior living and a long-term care centre. But when it comes to independent living at Magnolia Gardens, we’re no facility. We’re more like a cruise ship that never leaves the shore. 

At this stage in your life, you should be having fun, enjoying hobbies and vibrant social life instead of the hassles and stresses of daily life. That’s what independent senior living offers. It’s our job to care about the details—housekeeping, maintenance, yard work, meal preparation, and clean up. You can focus on active living—keeping your body, mind and spirit healthy.

Home care may drop in for a couple hours a day, but when you’re a resident at Magnolia Gardens, you have access to 24/7 support. You’ll get to know our staff and consider them friends. You’ll get to know your neighbours and have a full social life. You’ll have peace of mind knowing someone is there in an emergency.

An additional thing to consider is the importance of eating well and eating a well-balanced diet. People living on their own often find it challenging to shop, prepare meals, and eat them alone. Home care can help provide solutions, but you get so much more when you live in a retirement community. You’ll enjoy delicious meals prepared by red seal chefs, with the hassle of shopping, prepping or cleaning up. Plus there is always great company found in our dining room. Enjoy meals with friends, or meet someone new!

Over and over again, I hear new residents say, “I should have done this years ago.” Make the move sooner rather than later and start enjoying life again!