Condo vs All-Inclusive Living

Condo Vs All-Inclusive Graphic

When it comes time to downsize and start a new chapter, many seniors choose between living in a condo or an all-inclusive senior living community.

“I encourage people to take the path that will be least stressful and give them the most independence,” says Sherri Martin, Residency Coordinator for Bria Communities in Langley. Sherri sees six significant differences between apartment living and a seniors community. 

Who’s Your Neighbour?

“If your ceiling is someone else’s dance floor, you know that your neighbours can impact your quality of life,” says Sherri. Being surrounded by peers who share a similar lifestyle has benefits you don’t want to take for granted.

No Strata, No Worries

Condo living often means strata stress. “I’ve heard some nightmare stories from seniors living in poorly managed strata situations,” sighs Sherri. “When you downsize, it’s because you want things to be simple, and strata stress is not simple.”

No Maintenance = Low Maintenance

“Even in the newest condo, you will need to replace the lightbulbs once in a while,” notes Sherri. All-inclusive living means the peace of mind of knowing if the sink clogs or the washing machine breaks you’ve got a maintenance technician who will take care of you.

Cash Consciousness

Sherri agrees that not everyone can afford all-inclusive living, “What I’ve found is that many seniors jump to the conclusion that it’s out of their price range,” she says. “Take time to compare your monthly expenses in a condo vs what your residency fee would be for a suite the same size in a seniors community. Here’s a tool to help.

Fit and Fabulous

Many newer condos offer deluxe fitness amenities—equipment, social spaces, and private gyms that residents can access. “All-inclusive living offers all those amenities plus the coaches to educate and support you as you achieve your goals.” Staying healthy is one of those things that contributes to your independence.

Safe and Secure

Condos prioritize safety with locked gates and doors and arm residents to watch out for each other. “All-inclusive living adds that extra layer of security with a 24/7 staff reception and monitored external security. Peace of mind is priceless.”

“Choose what is going to make you happy,” says Sherri. “These are the years when you want to enjoy your friends and family, enjoy travelling, enjoy your freedom. Make sure you choose a living situation that enhances your life with independence and security.”

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