A Delicious Taste of Bria

The age old question of delicious food vs. nutritious food was hotly contested recently as chefs from Magnolia Gardens, The Waterford, and The Wexford competed to create a delicious treat to serve as samples of BriaCuisine™ at events and festivals in the community this summer. It’s an issue that the chefs in the Bria kitchens constantly hold in tension.

“Residents have healthy choices at every meal because when you eat well, you feel good,” says The Wexford manager, and former executive chef, Matthew Jackson. He’s quick to add that there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. “Life is for enjoying! So we serve crème brûlée, and cupcakes, and ice cream. We’re intentional about appropriate portion sizes for the senior appetite, but we still serve delicious desserts!”

In the end, the competition judges left the decision in the hands of the people whose opinion truly matters. Residents from Sunridge Gardens were thrilled to taste-tested the options and give their feedback.

The hands-down winner was Magnolia Gardens’ chocolate pecan “Scotty Bar”, a treat that Sous Chef Scott Hiebert has often served on special occasions. With its shortbread crust, fudgey brownie centre dotted with pecans, and creamy chocolate icing, it’s a chocolate lovers delight.

Second runner-up was The Wexford’s No-Bake Coconut Mango bar drizzled with chocolate ganache. Chef Bernard Tolen created a gluten-free snack that is simple to make, leans heavily on healthy ingredients, and has a bright tropical taste.

“I find that many seniors have preconceived ideas of what living in a seniors community will be like,” says Matt. “They expect the food to be bland and disappointing. But we believe when you come to live at The Wexford you come to live well.”

Guests who stop by the Bria pop up displays at events and festivals in the metro Vancouver area this summer will get the option to taste the devilishly delicious Scotty bar, or tropically tasty Coconut Mango bar. As a bonus they can take home the recipes and re-create the treats at home. Whichever they enjoy more, they’ll be experiencing a perfect sample of BriaCuisine.