Don’t Fall For This

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“A fall can happen to anyone, any time,” says Shannon Saunders, General Manager at Sunridge Gardens seniors community in Langley. “The problem is that the older you get, the more damage a fall can do.” Shannon recommends these six things you can do to avoid fall-related injuries at home:


Bath mats that get bunched up, throw rugs that curl at the corner and welcome mats that slide around are tripping hazards. “They might look nice, but why take the chance?” says Shannon.


Sometimes our furry friends want to stick so close that they become a tripping hazard. “Having your pet wear a little bell is a good solution,” says Shannon. “If you know where they are, you’re less likely to back up and trip over them.”


Take an active role in ensuring you have good balance. “There are all sorts of exercises you can do to prevent falls,” says Shannon. “The key is to do them!”


 “Make wise decisions about ladders and step stools,” Shannon advises. “It’s probably time to ask someone else to clean the gutters, trim the hedge, or change the light bulb.”


“Falls in the bathroom are very common for seniors,” says Shannon. “Replacing your tub with a walk-in shower with no lip and a seat inside is one of the smartest bathroom upgrades you can do.”


Invest in walking poles to use when you’re out for a walk. Not only provide extra stability, but they also improve your posture, your pace and your core strength.

“We think about fall prevention a lot at Sunridge Gardens,” says Shannon. “We offer fitness classes and equipment so residents can say fit and strong. Our suites all have seamless flooring transitions and walk-in showers. And, of course, our maintenance technician is the one safety climbing ladders to change lightbulbs and trim hedges.”

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