5 Senior Living Secrets

five senior living secrets

Secrets that save you money, time and headaches are the best kinds! We’ve got five industry-insider tips every senior in BC should know.

For 15 years, Jane Bryce, The Wexford Seniors Community’s General Manager, has guided older adults in navigating the world of senior living. She has an open book policy.

“I don’t think there should be any senior living secrets,” she says. “When you’re making decisions about your next chapter, you need as much information as possible.”

Here are five secrets Jane thinks every senior living in BC should know:


Seniors looking for affordable housing may be eligible for the SAFER (Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters) subsidy, a rent supplement through BC Housing. “I’m always surprised how many people don’t know about SAFER. I tell everyone about it because it can really make a difference.”


“Many apartments and condos make you sign a year-long lease. But most senior living communities offer month-to-month contracts,” notes Jane. Flexibility is essential to seniors. Life changes quickly, and having a monthly contract gives you the freedom to change along with it.


If you receive home care support through your local health authority, it comes to you no matter where you live. “Whether you’re in a retirement community, living with your family, or on your own in an apartment, you can get the extra assistance you require,” says Jane.


There is no government oversight of independent living seniors communities. So Jane urges seniors and their families to do their research. “Make sure the seniors communities have the BC Senior Living Association Seal of Approval,” says Jane. “The seal assures you they have met a high customer service, safety and support standard. If you see the seal, you’re in good hands.”


“The key to a vibrant life is to surround yourself with a community of people who want the same thing,” says Jane. Staying strong and healthy requires making a choice every day to engage physically, socially, and emotionally. “It’s always easier when you’re doing it with others,” says Jane.

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