Safe and Easy Prescription Service For Seniors

Prescription Service
Pharmacy at your door

Managing multiple prescriptions at one time can be complicated. For seniors, these challenges can be compounded by issues like deteriorating eyesight or limited transportation to the pharmacy. That’s why CareRx provides two senior-friendly services to ensure easy and safe access to their medication and vitamins. This spring, CareRx’s services are available to seniors in the Metro Vancouver area for the first time.

Pharmacy at Your Door and EasyPac are services CareRx has developed with seniors in mind. As a leading provider of specialty pharmacy services to approximately 50,000 residents in about 900 senior communities (long-term care, assisted living, retirement homes and group homes), they specialize in enhancing the health of Canadians with unique or complex medication needs. Affiliated with organizations like BC Senior Living Association, BC College of Pharmacists and the Alzheimer’s Society, this reputable company has now made its services available to BC seniors.

The Easy Pak system packages medications and vitamins together to provide the right dose at the right time. This system, used by hospitals for years, eliminates the need for blister packs, tricky bottle lids, or portioning out pills into compartments. These see-through, clearly marked plastic bags can contain multiple medications, or vitamins portioned out to be taken at the right time of day.

Pharmacy at Your Door service ensures your Easy Pak prescriptions are delivered each month automatically, and new medications can be delivered within hours of calling them in.

Best of all, registering is simple. Gather together your medical insurance information and the name and phone number of your current pharmacy and connect with CareRx by phone (1-855-226-0922) or online to sign up to receive CareRx services. They’ll take care of transferring your existing prescriptions and arrange for you to receive your first EasyPac delivered to your door.

Bria Communities celebrates and promotes services that make life simpler for seniors. Residents and family members can take advantage of Pharmacy at Your Door and experience peace of mind knowing they have support navigating a complex daily task.