Elevated Dining at The Waterford

Executive Chef Matt Baryluk at The Waterford

Executive Chef Matthew Baryluk of The Waterford shares the elevated dining experience at The Waterford in his own words.

What I’m passionate about is making sure that we do our absolute best to deliver an exceptional culinary experience every time the residents come to the dining room.

A lot of it is making sure that we source as many and as much local ingredients as we possibly can. We always strive to do fresh over frozen and really try to elevate all the food that comes through the door. So if it’s a tuna salad sandwich, it should be the best tuna salad sandwich ever had. And when we want to do fancier things with, you know, caviar or foie gras, then it becomes more of an experience to play with the residents and educate them, and let them have anything that their hearts desire here.

We’ll do anything from spaghetti and meat sauce to grilled octopus salad. We have a lot of fun with what we do here and the residents seem to really enjoy it.

We’ll do things that are a little bit more outside the box, that you typically won’t see in a retirement setting. Like I said, we we do a great grilled octopus salad where we prepare the octopus in-house. We offer a wide variety of fresh seafood items from monkfish from Nova Scotia, fresh BC halibut when it’s in season, and spot prawns. We’ll source all our beef from Alberta, AAA for our prime ribs and our steak nights. So there’s a lot to offer and the residents seem to really, really enjoy it.

What we offer typically on a day at The Waterford is there’s always two entrees with a starch or a side. There’s soup available every day, and we also do salads or appetizers, along with dessert. If something on the menu a certain day really doesn’t strike a chord with a particular resident or two, we also have a la carte options which change daily. Even still, they can always put a request in the kitchen and we’re happy to make them whatever they request; be it chicken breast, a certain type of sandwich, salad, scrambled eggs, whatever the resident wants is what we strive to provide.

And when it comes to dietary requests at the Waterford, we absolutely make sure that we can do whatever the resident needs. So whether it’s a dietary restriction, celiac disease or diabetes, we’re easily capable of making sure that the resident still maintains a proper healthy and enjoyable meal. And will cater to any dietary restriction or need that that comes up. Vegetarians, vegans, everybody is welcome, everybody gets a great meal.

When new residentsĀ move in, one of the things that surprises them the most is the feeling of warmth that they get from not just the staff but the other residents as well. There’s a sense that everybody is truly happy to be living at The Waterford, and they’re extremely happy with the services that are provided. My myself and my team, take a lot of pride in making sure that the residents continue to be as happy as they are.

We invite anybody that’s interested in possibly living The Waterford, or just wants to come and see what we’re all about for a possible future place to call home, we welcome you to come in for either a lunch or dinner. Meet the staff, meet me, and see what we’re all about