Why Wendy Chose Sunridge Gardens

Sunridge Gardens Resident named Wendy

At the beginning of December, my husband had a stroke, and I was finding it difficult to cope with caring for him, keeping the house, cooking, cleaning, etc. I was getting stressed out.

Houses were selling pretty good. So we thought we should get on the bandwagon. When you sell a house, then you have to find somewhere else to live. So we decided, well, why don’t we look at some retirement places.

We used to live in this area, Murrayville in Langley. And we knew about Sunridge Gardens; so we thought we’d try here first.

I came for a tour with a friend. It just felt open and bright. The suite that we saw was perfect. The beautiful gardens around the back, and the courtyard, the games room, the TV room, there are two dining rooms you can choose from, one is a little quieter. Everything that we needed was here.

So, my friend signed up. A few weeks later, my husband came with two of his daughters. They loved it! They wish they could live here. And so we signed up, and here we are.

And it is pet-friendly, so we were able to bring our little dog, Tilly. She’s a Malshi, which is a cross between a Maltese and a Shitzu. Everyone here seems to love her. There’s even a doggy park along the pathway. She’s met a lot of friends. In particular she’s got a boyfriend here his name is Tiggi, and they just love each other to bits. So she’s adapted very well.

I’ve been participating as much as I can in the exercise program every day. And then after the exercise program, there’s usually another program, maybe crosswords or brain games. This morning it’s Curls and Crunches, which means you’re using your weights for your exercises, and then we’ve got Wheel of Fortune at 10 30.

Our Halloween party was quite memorable. I had a mermaid costume which I’d got a couple of years and hadn’t been able to wear because of Covid. There was a Hawaiian luau out in the courtyard, which was wonderful. We had a lemonade social also out in the courtyard. We have entertainment come in, Social afternoons when we have a bar which is open. Some great little singers and acts come in.

I can’t say enough about Sunridge Gardens, I would recommend it a drop of a hat.

Come for a tour and see the wonderful spaces and lifestyle Wendy has experienced first hand. You might even get to meet Tilly and Tiggi. Contact our Residency Coordinator, Sherri Martin: 604.351.8668.