Father’s Day at Browns Social House in Tsawwassen

Lunch at Bria Communities

Our Father’s Day Celebration at The Waterford was quite the success. The Waterford called all the sons of residents to come out and enjoy a beer and a burger with their dad on Father’s Day at Brown’s Social House. This three year old tradition gets the men “out of the building” to enjoy what they love to do most: tell bad stories, have a beer and eat.

Thirty of our male residents headed off to Brown’s Social House in two bus loads, and once there staff took great care of the group’s hungry men. A lot of the residents enjoyed the outing so much they wanted to stay, so we ended up taking 3 trips back home, so that people who wanted to stay longer were able to. The highlight was seeing all of the men socialize at the long tables and of course seeing the fathers and sons reunite and all interact together.


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