Slice and Dice with Chef David

chef with halibut

Our Chef, David and General Manager, Shannon at Sunridge recently came up with the idea to hold a chef demo every few months for the residents. They thought this would be something fun and different they could do for the residents so they could learn more about how to prepare some more exotic dishes.

They went with halibut for the first demo to go with the ‘Dining Around the World Dinner’ theme which was West Coast Seafood this month. About 15-20 residents came down to watch David work his magic and he had also done his homework and read up on all kinds of interesting details about Halibut ahead of time to share with the residents. Although it was pretty stinky, it was really interesting, and Chef David used the halibut in the residents’ dinner later that evening.

Other ‘Slice and Dice with Chef David’ topics coming up will include how to make a fresh fruit ensemble and a turkey demonstration near Thanksgiving.


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