How Can Seniors Vote?

senior lady voting

Saturday, October 24, British Columbians will take to the polls to cast their votes—a right and privilege that many seniors value. Amid a pandemic, the right to vote collides with the need to protect seniors’ health and safety.

Elections BC has carefully planned to accommodate vulnerable British Columbians. Being aware and prepared ensures each senior gets a chance to cast their ballot.


Voting by mail is risk-free and straightforward as long as you register ahead of time. Seniors can call 1.800.661.8683 to arrange to receive a vote-by-mail package, or can request a package online. A postage-paid return envelop comes along with the package. Elections BC recommends asking for your package before October 17 to ensure adequate time to receive the package and mail in your vote.


This voting option is specifically for those who meet the criteria related to vision loss, a disability or underlying health condition, or who may be in hospital or self-isolating in the week leading up to the election. Seniors can be confident their ballot remains secret when they vote by phone. To find out if you or your loved one is eligible to vote by phone, call 1.800.661.8683


Elections BC is committed to ensuring a safe voting experience for every British Columbia regardless of age. A senior who chooses to vote on-site at their local station can speak to an election official to arrange the following:
• A large print ballot
• Assistance marking your ballot
• Outdoor voting options (at the curb or in the parking lot)
• A translator

Bria Communities and some other retirement communities work with Elections BC and Elections Canada, where possible, to arrange on-site voting, so residents don’t even need to leave their home to vote in person at a polling station.