BriaCuisine™ Signature Pumpkin Pie Recipe

National Seniors Day- Pumpkin Pie

Our signature BriaCuisine™ Pumpkin Pie recipe was created when chefs from all four Bria Communities competed against each other to create the most delicious pumpkin pie.

Bria Chefs Competed for the Best Pie

The winning crust was submitted by Chef David Collins of Sunridge Gardens who followed a family recipe passed down from his Aunt Sasha that involves hints of citrus.The winning pumpkin filling was submitted by Chef Leif Soriano of The Wexford and it a mouthwatering mix of autumn spices. And the garnish of sugared cranberries was the brainchild of sous chef Danielle Armfeldt of Sunridge Gardens. Chefs at all four properties are preparing the winning pie recipe and on October 1 they will give away 200 pies as part of the National Seniors Day Drive-Thru Pie Pick-Up.

Sasha’s Pie Crust

1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
¼ teaspoon salt
½ cup shortening
1 teaspoon grated orange rind
5-6 tablespoons cold orange juice

• Sift together flour and salt.
• Cut in shortening and orange rind until particles are pea-size.
• Sprinkle cold orange juice over the mixture, tossing lightly with a fork until dough is moist enough to hold together.
• Form into a ball and roll to desired size on a lightly floured counter with a rolling pin.
• Transfer to a pie plate and trim the edges.

Pie Filling

2 eggs
14 ounces pumpkin puree
1 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon ground ginger
½ teaspoon salt
¾ cup evaporated milk

• Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
• Pour the pie filling into the pie shell.
• Bake at 325’F for 30-35 minutes (or until a knife inserted in the centre comes out clean.)
• Let pie cool.

Cream Cheese Frosting

2 tablespoons unsalted butter
½ cup cream cheese
1 cup icing sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

• In a mixer, blend softened butter and cream cheese.
• Add icing sugar and vanilla extract and beat until creamy.
• Use a piping bag to add frosting to the pie.
• Garnish with sugared cranberries.

Sugared Cranberries

6 oz fresh or frozen cranberries
1/2 cup water
2 cups sugar (divided)

• Heat water and half of the sugar in a saucepan until sugar is fully dissolved.
• Add cranberries and transfer to a container to soak overnight in the fridge.
• Drain cranberries and allow to dry for one hour.
• Toss cranberries in remaining sugar.
• Store on a parchment- lined sheet pan at room temperature.